Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finding Bliss

It’s been years since I thought of doing a lot many things.

One thing which tops my list is ‘coming closer home’. Yes. Coming closer to my self- to my soul, a place where there is solitude, bliss and serenity, where all I find is Nirvana. Sure it’s a big word, but there is this mysticism which I imagine with this word.

My brother indeed said a very simple and profound thing to me today. He questioned my reason for reading soul- stirring articles, Inner voice, Speaking tree, for I didn’t seem to apply it in any way in my life.

I’m ill-tempered, impolite, easily irritable. So where does all this knowledge go?

My heart tells me that maybe, there is this part of me which wants to achieve everything, is quiet and calm, but the another “material” part takes over it, or has been ‘ruling; it all these years.

I believe that I have that quiet, soft, deep “ME”…I have met that part of me once, and it was blissful!!.

These days haven’t been going that great. Somehow all I wish is to enter a deep, dark, cool cave where all I can attain is eternal bliss. Where no distraction, no people, no attachments bind me.
As I write this I listen to Enya. She has been one singer whom I fund very melodious. Her song “May it Be” from Lord of the Rings urged to move closer to that part of mine.
I seem to have been talking a lot these days and somehow have become very uncomfortable with the silence and blankness I see on my cell ( that feeling wen you are free and people don’t message you) So, I’m taking a day off. I plan to switch my cell off and logout of FB for how many days, I dunno..Until I feel at peace.

May peace bestow upon everyone’s soul


Jennifer Reid said...

AAkriti...thank you for your lovely words of enCOURAGEment on my blog!! So glad you popped over from the amazing FIBRO!! :)
You have a lovely blog and I do hope you find the peace you're looking for...good on you for deciding to have a break from technology to find that inner peace. We all need to do that sometimes! :)

Unknown said...

Nice post. :) I think i need some time finding the real ME.

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