Sunday, May 1, 2011

A dinner full of SWEETNESS:)

 Today I just didn’t feel like eating what my mom had cooked for dinner. So off I went to the ice-cream cart to buy a brick of Chocolate Fudge ice cream, and yes I gorged on it, for the very first time. To make it yummier and delicious, I added cashew nuts, and voila I loved the crunchiness. I had some five scoops, and was still willing for more, but controlled myself. Yes! That’s important, because anyways off late my bro has been calling me “all fatty names” which make me laugh and feel bad too, for the flab which I can see here, there and everywhere:P
So, have you ever had a dinner full of sweetness, where all you had was sweets and more of desserts? Share with me, would love to hear from you :) 
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Felicity said...

This sounds like a totally delicious treat and the addition of the cashews would have been my choice too.

x Felicity

PS I love the Robert Collier quote in your sidebar = very apt.

Anonymous said...

jiya dhadak dhadak...jiya dhadak dhadak, jiya dhadak dhadak jaye....

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