Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friendship- A relationship far beyond

I wrote this more than a year back and shared it with my FB friends on FB..was going through my  notes...So thought I should share it here too...:)
Ever wondered how a few interactions with a stranger transform into friendship? A friendship so close that nothing in the world matters more than that friend and the bond that we share with them. A friend for who even a lifespan seems short to spend life with. A friend who plays more than just the ‘one’ role.

Every time I try to recall the first moments spent with my now- close friends, all I remember are the later laughter- filled, argumentative, and cherishable ones. Nothing from how it started. It is like retrograde amnesia; where you have difficulty recalling or identifying anything before an accident or injury,( in this case friendship- a wonderful accident so to say), but are capable of forming new memories.

It is quite obvious, considering the variety of factors that amalgamate together to form a beautiful art called ‘friendship’ on this canvas of life. But how the colours mix,
their unique and blended hues, the texture and the vibrancy still fascinates and amazes me.

The foundation definitely lies in ‘trust’. That develops when you share. And the other person is sensitive and caring enough to hear. The more you share, the greater the reliance and stronger the trust. It sounds like a physics formula or equation, where different concepts have direct and inverse relationship. Well in this context, I think why not start applying laws of physics, economics, mathematics into our relationships? Who knows we start getting direct and probable results? No wonder it sounds great! But taking into account the individual differences, the way everyone’s mind and heart works from moment t o moment, definite results are for sure out of the purview.

Understanding, loyal, trustworthy, empathetic, sensitive, care, concern, loving, nurturing, naughty, funny, sharing....blah blah blah!! These are the some of the traits we often would like our friends to have .It’s the numerous amount of studies done which say that. But I strongly feel there is more to the bond of friendship inclusive of these qualities. And what exactly that is??

Maybe the aura, the magic of the voice, the words spoken, feelings expressed or simply ‘just being besides us ‘when we need our friend the most. The selfless love, care and strength which automatically overpowers us the moment we come to know the person who has hurt our friend. And then no one in this world can stop us from using swear words( which even we weren’t aware of), breaking bones and throwing stones, because he/ she unfortunately dared to hurt “our” friend who is the most precious being on the earth. And then is when the whole excitement begins. “Tu bata mujhe kisne kiya yeh,uski yeh jurrat, ab toh uski toh khair nahi, nahi tu bas bata”...” Arre aise kaise nahi?? Main hoon na!! So no worries, no tension”.

The fire burns, the temperature rises so high that even our one glare could turn the “enemy” into ashes. And then our friend sheepishly comes to us, trying to calm us down, turning a full bucket of ice tray on our hot heads to make us come face- to- face with reality. But on a lighter note, wouldn’t it be so much fun if we could simply hit the person hard on his face and then watch his/ her expression, embarrass him to the extent that he wouldn’t even find a place on this earth to hide his face and apologise for what he/she did to our friend? Then “we” would be the proud recipients of “Friendship Bravery Award”. An award we could carry with ourselves for lifetime.

This was just a mere instance of our love, care and “stuntbaazi” for our friend. There are endless situations and contexts which make us giggle, laugh and sometimes pierce our heart because of the pain our friend went through. In the end, though something is lost, a lot more is achieved in terms of getting to know how selfless, “brave”, and wonderful our friend can be for us; and we thought no one on this planet cared and loved us enough??Ha!! Second to our parents there is at least this one great friend whom we can count on, when it comes to unconditional love, which is beyond any words.

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Anonymous said...

friendship OR friend ... no do's and don'ts , lets you free
friendship ... no boundaries....
friendship.... a shoulder to calm, a moment to cherish, an environment to enjoy

even definition has no limits...

a gift from almighty

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