Sunday, May 29, 2011

For my Lovely Friends

“Friendship has coolness in it. Love has heat, hence it goes high, low; sometimes everything is beautiful and sometimes everything is ugly. Love changes. Friendship has a more eternal quality to it; it doesn’t change. Let love be the first step and friendship the climax”~  Osho.

I felt so beautiful reading this quote this morning. It seemed as if it said what was there in my heart and my nature.

I ‘ve always loved being with my friends. It’s a small group. Three of them come along from school and I feel proud that they are my besties. Other two are from school as well. And talking to them is immensely satisfying as well. One of them I found online last year, and no matter what that friend says to me, I keep going back to him, because I know he is not a friend I’d like to lose. And the surprise came few days back as well, when the best friend of this online friend became my friend. ( Sure life is a fun- filled package!:))

I have had a friend who I have still not gotten over with, precisely because I wanted that friend in my life.

Then there have been those with whom I wish to talk, but it never happens.  Guess here is where subliminal connectivity ( )comes in.

Going back to the quote, a sense of beauty and satisfaction  surrounds me when I think of what all my friends have done for me.

They have held my hand, listened to my tears (maybe felt). They have made me laugh, heard my silly talks, my first composed- not- -in- tune song. They have encouraged me to write at every step,to listen to the beautiful melodies on youtube that I never knew of. And at many times they have made me feel how precious a person I’m for no one but ‘my self’.

So, if I don’t go back to these beautiful friends of mine, surely I would be called a ‘dumb head’! ;)

They know how much importance space has in my life. They know my love for cooking. They know that I cannot bear offensive things. They know that I’ll come around even if I have told them a million times ‘I’m not going to talk to you now. Forget it’. They know I’m a thirsty girl wanting their dollops of love and affection which can fill my heart not- till- the brim of course ( read: My space)  but nonetheless. 

Today, when I look back at the friends I had in my school years, I see, I do have some around me even as I age, and I know that we will together grow old, listening and being present in each other’s stories of getting married, having babies and some dark secrets which we shall always have, to laugh our heads off to.

And this gives me immense joy, that which like a beautiful pearl rests within the shell, willing to stay in it forever and eternity.
To my lovely friends:
Heartfelt thank you for being there in my lives. You mean a world to meJ


Unknown said...

Touching post Aakriti :) Friends are undefinable.

Unknown said...

How nice Aakriti! Thats a beautiful post :-)
I too love my friends super-much! :P

Aakriti said...

Dear Joross @ Khush: A biiiiiig thank u for taking out time to read:) Yes Friends are undefinable and a significant part of our lives:)
and yeah..comments keep me going;) so thanks again:)

Bhargav Bhatt said...

Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.

Melanie said...

I feel your writing. You have such a way with it. Nothing beats a true friend or the feelings they bring with them.

I got your email. Do you have questions about Blogger-dash?

I don't have your email address or we could chat.

FirstTimeMother said...

Nicely formed.. I love this evergreen topic of discussion "Friends" :)
and you wrote it beautifully !

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