Wednesday, May 4, 2011 can TRUST

Yes! You can TRUST!!
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If you think you are going to be cheated,
Chances are that you will..
If you think that those with whom you share,
Will take you for granted and will use you,
Chances are that you will be taken for granted and will be used,
Life is not complex, but it’s we, who think of it to be complex,

Similarly, If you think that you can trust the other person

No matter if that person is an online friend or a person you are meeting for the very first time, the way you speak to that person shows that either you trust ot you do NOT trust that person.
It just occurred to me that in this last year, I have met some very nice people. School friends after years, made a great online friend and met many new people. And one thing which has made things simpler for me all this while is my ability to trust them.
Tell me something? Why live life in fear? Surely not everyone is going to like you or love you for who you are, some might just treat you as trash and leave you and go somewhere far; but we do have many others who value us and love us in ways we might not know.. So live life, with a smile, trust people. It’s alright to TRUST , as I always believe, the foundation of a good relationship lies in the ability to trust othersJ


Bhargav Bhatt said...

It sounds beautiful as written by you ,.. i can surely say so coz (the feel) that you are a very nice, down to earth and not at all selfish person,.. Life treats and teaches and what i have learnt from my experiences are that the persons who are selfish cannot trust any one...

The almighty showers such nice blessings to very few and you are one of them.. NOT BEING SELFISH AND HENCE ABLE TO TRUST THE MOVES BY THE SAME ALMIGHTY,.. COZ what believe is that when you trust someone , means you are trusting THE MOVES OF ALMIGHTY and the rest should be left unto him to guide you further...

Gr8 post,.it truely makes you different

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

Its a nice little world you've carved here Akriti di! Your blog, at the very first instant, is a visual delight! And as I surf through it further, i find some amazing pieces of writing which stir up some kindred spirit in me. The above post is precisely one of them. You're a beautiful writer, with even more beautiful thoughts to share. Keep up the good work, I will keep following.

Aakriti said...

Awwww..Saumya. thnks a bunch sweetheart. And hey cumon you are just a year younger to me..Don't call me di!!:) Btw..It was wonderful seeing u on the Convocation ceremony comparing it for the last time I guess..See how time flies..Thnk u soo much for reading the post and for commenting dear. I love reading thru ur posts as well:) And wishing u all the very best for ur future ebdeavors. Love :)
PS: I wanted to shout out ur name and wave at you as I sat there in the awardees line:P but well decorum is one thing which stops us:P lol;)

Aakriti said...

@ Bhargav: You have simply no clue what I'm. I'll not be upfront to say that I'm selfish and well may be many a times not too down to earth, there are days when I have my own airs u know.. haha..but saying that would be like breaking ur crystal ball of what you think about me.. Your kind words really make me feel good, and had there been someone else, she would have felt good too..but well as we say "appearances are often deceptive"..this is not howeva to say that I'm portraying a different me 'here'..It's all a part of me, u knw..but we all have our different moods, emotions and times...they take their own places in our puzzle of life, fitting whereva they feel best..thnks for reading:)

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