Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sigh….not a GOOD news day!

How often can one manage to stay calm? May be many people out there can, but it’s really hard for me. Well, yes. I’m a hyper anxious girl. I can get mad easily…and can be too hyper excited when something good is coming. So more often than not when my friends see this “gloomy Aakriti, who is mostly smiling”, they get shocks..

Right now I’m sad…Sad because I’ve got to hear too many bad news’s todayL
  • One of my best friend’s maternal grandmother expired today morning.
  • One of my distant but close friend’s brother’s girlfriend died in an accident. And her brother is way too young. In high school I guess. She tells me how her family was so depressed, and whenever she would see that girl’s picture on her brother’s laptop, it would sadden her more.
  • And then I get to hear that my another friend’s father got an ‘out- of- the- blue transfer notice:/ …

All these things have only lowered my mood. And I feel so gloomy.
I tried surfing through beautiful craft blogs which made me smile…but it lasted only for a while…
God Bless everyone and give my friend’s families all the courage to go through everything.

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Unknown said...

So I had trouble actually figuring out how to comment here... one of those days! But thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such helpful comments! I'm definitely going to have to look into that wool felt.... and mod podge?! BEST invention EVER! It's like a decoupage, glue, sealant all in one... there are varieties for use on fabric, outdoors, glossy, matte, etc., but you can use it on anything from puzzles to appliques... there are whole blogs about it (Mod Podge Rocks; Food, Wine, & Mod Podge to name two)... I highly recommend it! : )

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