Saturday, July 31, 2010


To my dear friends, old and new,

To the most ‘precious’, not many, but few,

To the friends who showed me the world,

And to those with whom I now share the view,

To the life that you brought in ‘me’

To the smile that dazzled the eyes,

To the love that spread miles away,

To the care, like a blanket, warm and wide,

To the laughter, that radiated many faces,

To the pranks, silly and amusing,

To the tears, full of salt and emotions,

To the effort t o cheer the other,

To the words that struck the right chord,

To the reading minds and intuitive thoughts,

To make my life worth living,

Under a canopy of selected and good friends,

A different color in each leaf,

Each with its perfection which gleams,

Amalgamating in the sparkling rain,

Forming a rainbow with the sun in view.

To all my friends, with beautiful souls,

To all my friends who amazed me,

Life would be different and so would me,

Had it been just me and not “we”!


LONE WOLF said...

amazing, simple yet beautiful words describing the beauty of friendship, the best relationship in the world. When you are with truest of friends everyday is a celebration, no problem is hard enough and no challenge is tough enough :D

Aakriti said...

thnks:)MR. lONE WOLF!!:)I know the words are pretty simple, but yes they do mean A LOT!!:D

LONE WOLF said...

sometimes simplest of words bring out deepest of meaning Miss Shape :D

Secret Angel said...

^_^ lovely!! >:D<

shriya said...

=)touching ... !!! Love you loads !
HAppy FRieNdship's day sweetheart !

Aakriti said...

thanks Sheetu, and Mr.Lone Wolf!!

@Sugarplum: danke schon. mwah!!:)

-- said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You write so wonderfully, Aakriti :)

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