Friday, July 23, 2010


I knew it’s meaning, but never knew how it felt,

Until today, life seemed to tumble down,

The towers I had raised, the dreams of mine,

All seemed broken, shattered on the ground.

A moment of despair, a moment of anger,

Hopelessness, helplessness, both called me in,

And just when I was about to surrender,

Myself to this darkness,

Glimmerings of “Hope” fell upon me!

I looked up with my tired eyes,

Scared heart and my state of misery,

Deep down a battle was on,

Whose side to take, a dilemma for me!

I tried calming myself,

Telling myself “All wasn’t lost”,

I tried thinking rationally,

I found some answers from the past and the present,

Raising me up from this quandary.

Dazed, confused, ready to give up,

This was me,

In a moment the smile vanished,

As I was nonplussed with reality!

In moments such as these,

Where a decision decides your way,

I now learn that initially,

Our mind might a havoc play,

Then try and settle somewhere,

Where the rationale goes,

Boosting us with confidence,

That forever in us lay.

Our heart is too weak,

At times like these,

And mind too strong for itself,

Life throws us into rides of its own,

The twists, the turns, high and low.

And now that I’m through it,

Call me if you need,

I’ll give you hope, share the truth,

And all that you’ll need!

1 comment:

Secret Angel said...

Good one :) Life has it's ups and downs sweetie...NEVER GIVE UP!
remember,it's when everything is you see a ray of light :)

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