Monday, July 19, 2010

The “Inception Effect”

“I feel dazed,
Everything seems blurred,
Can you get me out of this please?
Someone there, Help me, please?”

“I’m lost, lost in this labyrinth,
No way out, I’m all by myself,
I, me and my subject,
Is this imagination or a Reality?”

“How could a world exist?
Far beyond my dreams?
A dream within a dream,
False, but truth, it seems!”

“Will you wake me up please?
Never have been so enthralled by my dream,
New images stir up my mind,
Questioning the sole ‘Reality”.

“How could I let you in my mind?
How could I let you reach me?
For there lie deep secrets in the chamber,
The answers unknown, alone would be the key!”

“As my mind gets restless,
You wake me up before I die,
And this time you tell me the truth,
That’s its real, and do not belie”

“For this dream makes me lost,
Takes the “me” away from me,
I feel so disassociated,
I beg you, “Lets find the ‘Real ME’.

“Who is this hypnotist?
Trying his charm on me?
Wait till I see your face,
I’ll smash you down on your knees!”

“But I’m nonplussed with this dream,
For it is more than real to me,
Why, Oh! Why did I sleep?
To raise my hopes, far beyond eternity?

“As I take a deep breath,
To calm my soul within,
My senses all intact,
But deep down its dark within”.

“I fear it is my unconscious,
The gates of which remain closed,
I know you not well to enter,
Turn around, and find your door”.

“You thought you’ll inveigle,
Thinking it might be easy,
I’m far tougher than you,
In there is a deep mystery….”


Shubhika said...


Ankit Sabharwal said...


Aakriti said...

@ shubhi: thnks:)
@ Ankit: Thnk u soo much!!:)

Unknown said...

nice piece...
the confusion and rage is awesomely perspired, but gets a bit too stagnated in the end.

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