Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In times of doubt, in times of reflection,
My mind, moulds images, near perfection,
Making me smile and wishing them to be true,
But mind is mind, our attention it woos,
And just before the midnight sun,
There comes a real one which shines,
Shattering the dream, the one which I owned,
Red and beautiful, like a pristine wine.
How could you be so perfect, the way I dreamt in dreams?
You indeed are a fac simile, to me it seems,
But humans as we are, not perfect, nor can we be,
You seem genuine, yet intimidating,
I hope the latter is just too false to be,
And I wonder why you share the truth,
Pleased, I honestly am, but,
What made you be so genuine to me?
Not knowing who I am?

I hope as the time enfolds its layers,
It will all be for the good,
As I talk to you, my fingers crossed,
With smile lighting up my face,
Gute nacht dear! It’s time to dream,
A world, where things are true, as true as they seem!!

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