Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PS: Keep writing

From the time you began learning “A, B, C…..LMNOP” to now, try pondering how much have you expressed all these years, using words, your thoughts, and a pen and a paper?
Have you ever tried penning down your thoughts so as to get back to them sometime in future? To smile at yourself as you read how silly your thoughts were, your behavior, being so immature, and your innocence so subtle yet, pure?

Well, if the answer to the above questions is “YES”, then good, welcome to the “World of Writing”, and if NO then you are welcomed more so with profound appreciation, for the fact that you took out sometime to read this one!

I wonder if you know how much power do words have. No matter if they are written or spoken, they have the ability to evoke an emotion taking you to great heights, one moment, and tearing your heart apart as tears fall down your cheeks.

It’s only when we read books, fiction, non-fiction or soul stirring stories that we realize the depth of emotions the writer has. His /her ability to make his way with words, juggle them and pen down beautifully in an artistic way that the reader literally jumps, laughs, cries, gets startled, with everything that the protagonist in the book does.

I, as a writer, do not know whether I was born as an expressive girl or not. But writing too has a lot to do with it.

Writing helps one to express one's thoughts on nothing but a piece of paper, all ready to en-wrap you with its warmth, it welcomes you to cry your heart out, to vent out all your pent up feelings, and then it nicely preserves it for “you”. The paper then is at your mercy. Save it or burn it!

Our thoughts have an immense power which gets strengthened when it takes the form of words (written).

Try it for once; see how “YOU” feel. It needn’t be as great as Paulo Coelho or J.K. Rowling. Anyways you don’t expect yourself to reach at that level in your very first piece.
But, for once, in your moments of happiness, despair, grief or sheer serenity, try and pen down your free flowing thoughts to begin with. Make it a daily practice. Then perhaps you will realize how much you feel at ease after expressing yourself by writing!

Writing in its best form allows you to connect with your “inner self”. In the turmoil of our emotions, it acts like a guiding light, helping you understand your feelings , your “own self” , the way no one could have known.

You do not need great vocabulary to write down. Pure, honest words have more weight than words which are complex and ambiguous. And vocab also builds automatically with time, as you read more and more.

So grab a pen and a paper and get down to write and express what YOU and YOUR thoughts are…I'll end with what Mathew Arnold sais and I quote:

" Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style"

Happy writing!!:)


Secret Angel said...

That is so true!
"Writing in its best form allows you to connect with your “inner self”" . Totally with that :) In fact,I realized it when I wrote my first article today.May be ppl like me shuld read this one :)

Aakriti said...

I had the blueprint of this one already written which was titled "PASSION TO WRITE". Modified it a bit after you wrote your "first" article!!:)

Freeek said...


I have been blogging for a couple of months now.

If you ask me, I would say writing does not come as a passion. Writing is emotion. What you feel in the moment is what you write. Can you imagine writing something funny when things are not right with you and your best friend? Can you imagine writing a sad story when you are happy? Is the answer no?

Just think about it.

I like your writing. Keep writing.

Cheers \m/
The Freeek


Aakriti said...

Thank u soo much..Mr m sure u have a real name too..yes, I completely agree with you, and yeah as for the "passion" goes, it only becomes when you fall in love with something that you really like doing.

Thanks for liking what I write:)

Rhianna said...

Such wise words. Writing helps me to organise all that I am thinking as well. I don't know where I would be if I didn't write sometimes. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, swinging by as part of the weekend rewind

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post, it served as a reminder that I have not put pen to paper for quite some time. I will be setting aside a notebook to write in throughout the day as the mood strikes me, to really express myself and help declutter my mind a bit. I always found writing to be a great way to work out how a particular situation or moment really made me feel and allowed to me to "finalise" those feelings and move on without churning it over in my brain all night. Thank you :) Visiting from the weekend rewind :)

allison tait said...

Love this! I'm so much better in writing! Thanks for Rewinding.

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