Thursday, July 22, 2010


I want a reason to live, to realize I’m here for a purpose,

I want a reason to understand, why bad things start when good ones end,

I want a reason to be calm, even after the chaos this life offers,

I want a reason to be patient, to understand that things take their time,

I want a reason for distance; for it makes me miss those I love,

I want a reason for tears, as it makes the hurt more painful,

I want a reason for dreams, they are more than what’s unconscious is about,

I want a reason for hesitation, for it makes me unable to express what I want,

I want a reason for pain, coz it makes me lose my strength,

I want a reason for short term happiness; it takes away everything before it comes,

I want a reason for good connectivity, often it doesn’t works when I need the most,

I want a reason for separation, it isn’t too easy as it seems,

I want a reason for blessing; for it takes all the faith one can have,

I want a reason for everything, to lead this life with vigour!!


Secret Angel said...

Maybe a few things should be accepted as they are...maybe they have no reasons...they just happen because they are meant to happen!
btw...nicely written :) i like it!

Alok said...

That describes life, people always keep looking for a reason for everything happening around. This is what drives them to live. If everything around is explained and well defined, life would be so boring :)
Nice write....!

Aakriti said...

@Sheetu: I think everything happens for a reason, we may not figure out why some things happen, that is entirely different. Thnks!!:)

@Alok: thank u for reading!!:)I agree!!:)

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

i am surprised why anybody hasnt written here that how beautiful it is ! you write good akriti,hope to see some vry good posts frm u

Aakriti said...

Hello Mandeep!:) thank u so much! I suppose since this is an old post so people didn't really get to read it. I appreciate u coming by here. Feels nice to have new bloggers visit n tk some time out.:) for the time bein Im busy, but u sure can go through many other yarns;)

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