Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today is a gift called “PRESENT”

An article in today’s Times Life did left a profound impact on me; and this one which I’ll be writing will be on the same trail of thought!

No wonder, we often keep brooding and regretting over our past and plan about our future with child-like enthusiasm, but caught between the webs of the past and the future, we lose out on the present, a gift given to us by TIME!

I tried enjoying myself while I kneaded the dough today, I appreciated its softness, its texture, the way my fists stiffened the dough, ready to be molded into balls and fried into hot, fluffy puris!
I also enjoyed my bath today. Have you ever enjoyed the way water slips from your body, as if it ‘itself’ enjoyed being on you for few moments and then wished to go on its own path? The scent of the bathing wash, the foam of that wash on the loofah, the wetness of the hair so fragrant that it makes you fall in love with yourself?

I’ve felt this many a times, and it makes me feel that I’m not only pampering myself, but awakening my senses to the mundane things we continue to do every single day of our lives.

So fast is the pace of our lives today, that we are no less than the jugglers in a circus!!
We continue to run, dance on the wheel of life, balancing ourselves so perfectly that we forget that there was no need and no one ever wished us to be “Perfect”!
So whom are we actually trying to oblige and impress?

Caught by the fascination of the cameras on our cell phones, we act like berserk people clicking away pictures with our friends to show off the world on facebook, rather than leaving aside the clicking part and conjuring up the fine lines of the very day, the therapeutic talk with a friend, which our memory has better capacity to treasure it for a lifetime!!

How do you plan to live your life? Mourning over your past, which is full of your mistakes, and embarrassments? Or look at them as “lessons learnt” and read on the PRESENT chapter of your life? As for your future goes, who knows if tomorrow comes or not? Why not live in the present and cherish the gift of every moment? I choose to, do you?

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