Monday, July 5, 2010

ART that defines us ..

Articulation. Revelation. Therapeutic. What if I elaborate ART by these simple, yet deep words?
Photography, painting, sketching, drawing, theater, writing, poetry, playing music, singing with the notes, or dancing with them, all are wonderful and exquisite forms of art, as we all know.
Ever noticed the single common thread that bonds all of them? I did. It’s the heart, the way it feels when one indulges in these forms of heart. The brain, which produces alpha waves, immensely gratifying, similar to what a yogi might experience when he sits with his eyes closed lost in his world of God!
Not long before, I read a beautiful piece titled “Writing- a form of meditation”. It was indeed a pleasure reading that one. Firstly, because writing is close to my heart, secondly it answered all my questions which I had in mind about meditation. Then I realized how good I feel after finishing every article or a poem on a blank page, waiting for me to pour my feelings onto it with poise!

Similarly, all of us have that “one gift” given to us, hidden deep inside, which needs to be excavated, to preserve it life long, there after. And the precise reason why every artist has that sense of calmness when it comes to “their” form of expression is, because it’s close to not only their heart, but mind, body and soul.

I never knew I had this skill in me to interpret pictures taken by the lens, not just any, but that of an artistic photographer, one of my friends. His pictures spoke for themselves, had “life” which lived, yet steady and calm. I couldn’t stop admiring them. A simple leaf seemed to tell its story, or for that matter, the sun rays seemed to thank the guy who clicked them at the apt moment. I became a fan of his, thinking that some day I will choose from his very collection of photographs to adorn the walls of my beautiful “home”, and I’m sure I will.

I agree that to appreciate, the art needs to be “artistic” enough and strong to catch the eye of every person who goes through it. But to start off, every one is naive when it comes to their first experience; it matures and blossoms with age. Then, why have the fears, why hold yourselves back?
Appreciating other’s art is an art in itself. Just like I realized I could interpret pictures too, perhaps you could interpret theater, an instrumental or a classical dance form too; for the art to be preserved, the artists need the much needed appreciation and encouragement.

Art to me comes as a numinous, enchanting and surreal experience, one hard to put it in words, but expressed in forms, touching the souls of those, literate, illiterate, native or foreigners. Art knows no language, art knows no nation, it’s a form of pure expression, a hearty celebration!!

PS: The above picture is a copyright of Ankit Sabharwal. My friend, who clicks fab pictures:)

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