Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MY VERY FIRST...."step"

Every beginning, every stepping stone towards our goal, has a first day!

I really don’t remember mine, though I remember my brother’s first day at school, he cried so innocently. He looked pretty cute.

I remember my first day at my new school in First grade. I was hesitant, scared, what kind of children I’ll find around me or for that matter befriend? Will others find me interesting?

The same anxiousness en-wrapped me today, the only difference was that that time I was in first grade, and now I’ll be starting off with my Masters!!

Ah! I know it sounds great? Right? I really don’t know.

These years blew like a wind.; one which was some times as hot as loo, at others time as calm as sea breeze, and in few moments of life it felt as if it danced with my happy moments too!

This time in Masters, the only difference was that I did bring along a group of my college friends with me here too. So, in a way, I was not completely lost.

I have already made 3 friends out of a class of 100 people; my friends seem pretty good. Rest only time has to tell how it goes.

Often in life we stumble upon things, which at that moment seem useless, we criticize them, find faults, but not soon enough we realize how close we were to those “very things” that all which comes out from our heart and mouth are words of love and attachment with those very things!

I say this in the context of my College “Jesus and Mary College”, one of “the” most prestigious ones in Delhi University!

I truly miss it. Everything about it. The lawns, which were not less than the ones at Rashtrapati Bhawan, where we used to bask under the sun in winters. The canteen, even though I didn’t had much from there, still. The rocks, a place we used to call “On the Rocks” sit there and get a feel of a hill station. And, my very own “Psychology Department”. The Freshers welcome, department fest, farewell, SPICMACAY festival, College fest, the rooms, and the teachers!! They were simply the best lot I had come across!

I feel bad, that right at the very first day of my “New” College, I started making comparisons, I started judging teachers by the way they spoke, the English they uttered from their mouths, or their ability to answer a student’s question or not! But yes, I acknowledge the fact that I’m at least aware of it! I know and perhaps I may even try making amends to this way of mine. I also know it’s pretty natural. Cognitively, our mind arranges information with the help of “schema” mental images we have of certain concepts; and they help us sort information.

*Sigh* My fingers are crossed, my heart sinks, reflecting on the long way I have already traveled and the future that awaits me to spread my wings! And as I walk near the cliff to open my wings again, I hope the flight I take is worth the effort put in by me!!


Secret Angel said...

I feel exactly this way!College is starting from Monday...I am all excited,yet scared!
Best of luck for the new start :)

Aakriti said...

Thank You Sheetu !! alles gute to you too!!:)

Unknown said...

I am the same kind of a person, I feel the same when am in a new school or college! Infact the memories i have made in my boarding school is something i will never forget,though i never wanted to be there while i was staying there!
God bless!
And love every place you go Aakriti, sometimes you never know how much you get from that place! :) Everything is a new experience!

Aakriti said...

Thank you so much for liking it Khush. and yes I sooo agree with you!! We may crib and cry, but in the end we do get to know the reason why;)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Ah, starting anything new is always difficult isn't it? I wonder how things are going for you now.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

Janhvi said...

Wow... the post is great. What I love most is the fact that you are not just a psychology student but you really live it in your life by observing yourself.
I have always believed that observing others is easy, while observing oneself is very difficult.

Great going, love your blog.

Aakriti said...

Hey Janhvi!!:) Thnks for coming by. and gratsi for ur beautiful words..Well writing is an integral part of myself..it helps me to introspect, imagine, fantasize and well take me places where I couldn't have imagined:) Thnk u for "loving" my blog.Would love to see u more often here!

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