Monday, July 12, 2010

Layers within layers

Things, situations, emotions, feelings, are pretty different, at times, from what they might seem.
A Smile on someone’s face, a tear on someone’s cheek, a politeness in someone’s tone; they all might seem genuine, but the causes might vary.
For the smile be just a facade, a tear might be that reflecting an overwhelming feeling, and the politeness in tone, might be sweet, yet bitter, conveying the sarcasm hidden within.

There lived a girl named “Aura”, who used to create beautiful and colorful aura around her wherever she used to go.
A Smile here and a cheer there. Making friends, impressing others with her ever so warm and genuine nature. One of her good friends would say, that, "She has a Thousand Watt Smile” and then she would smile again.

But behind her ever so affectionate, lovable, loyal, trustworthy, and warm exterior lay a girl who was sensitive, deep to the heart’s core; A girl who could never take any nonsense, whether it was for her or for her friends; A girl, who used to feel sad, gloomy, morose many a times, and that too without any plausible cause or reason.

One of her friends wanted her to share her sad feelings with her, so that she could help Aura just the way Aura always did , but what could she say, what could she share? For she didn’t know why she felt low? Her heart was going through a chaos of emotions, feelings, all mixed up. To her it felt like a barren desert with cold, chilly blizzards blowing away the only reason for “hope” she had,away from her.

Her friends didn’t used to like this dull, sad, cheerless Aura.

Aura thought to herself, “I understand that people and my friends find me cheerful, but what I fail to understand is, that considering the depth and the vastness of human emotions, why can’t I feel low? I do, don’t they understand? And even if they do…” She again got caught up in the world of her feelings.

Her thought process continued “ …Life always tries to strike an equilibrium, if not this way, then some other. Surely, if happiness would be here to stay, we would take that for granted too, and how would one learn from one’s lessons, if there was no despair, no moments of hopelessness and worthlessness in our life?”

She felt a bit at ease, as answers began to welcome her in the enigma of her questions.

“Likewise, my friends, some, in particular need to understand that sometimes, my heart “simply” feels low, perhaps it gets bored of being happy all the time, or may be the brain suddenly feels like releasing other neurotransmitters, which thereby affect me so drastically that I automatically start feeling low. Hmm…well whatever the case, or the reason behind it, there are times, when I simply do not know why do I feel low?”
As her heart looked above at the starry sky, and her feelings took a rest near the shore of her heart, she said:

“My dear lovely friends, the best ones I found
I might create an “aura” whenever I’m around,

One which encompasses all glee and cheer,
The sadness, mostly hidden, at times which re- appears,

The reasons I may not know,
The reasons I may not share,

I wish to be by myself,
But do appreciate your care,

For sometimes, the island of my heart,
Wishes to enjoy the waves,

The high and the low tides,
In the dark, deep caves,

And when the storm bids adieu,
I open my eyes, as I awake,

Birds singing songs of hope,
And sun showing me my way,

Then you might be welcomed,
Then you might celebrate,

For the aura you had waited this long,
Is bright and beautiful, for its own sake!!


Secret Angel said...

so true...simply loved it! :)

Unknown said...

realy nice!
m glad u r so creative :)
i loved what u wrote.

Aakriti said...

Thank you so much Sheetu and Srishti!!:)

Unknown said...

made me think, genuinely...

Bhargav Bhatt said...

resembles the author of this beautifully carved words...

read OCEAN , in ma blog when time permits

Aakriti said...

@ Bhargav: Ahan;).?? thnks for reading:)

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