Thursday, July 21, 2011

Musical Life

Musical Life…..

When the chords strike in the heart,
With a lovely voice that lingers in ears.....
When the drops of rain melts your pain,
With tears of yesterday streaming away…..
When the laughter gleams in your eyes,
It tells you had a great time, even for a while….
When the beats of Tabla strike a note,
With the wounds that open up and slowly close…..
When the piercing sun shines from dull clouds,
Telling you there is a tomorrow, a smile to be found…..
When you see two friends tease each other,
With great fondness, you recall your own……
When the soft sitar sways your mind,
Reaching the heart, it plays the button ‘rewind’…..
When the dear one goes away,
Without bidding adieu, a freedom you just gave……
And with a smile, sad and sweet, to yourself you say,
“Dear friend, no grudges from me”,
“Our time was great!”


Rachit said...

am that was beautifully crafted:) Yeh dosti .. :)

Weakest Link

Bhargav Bhatt said...

:).... musical pain.... am surely wondering now if everything ok... awesome write from da poetessssss...

Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: gratsi:)
@ Bhragav: everything is good..things take their own time:) right?...and gradually they do become fine:)

Ayushi said...

Amazingly knitted :)
I so cannot pen down poems and that makes me adore poets all the way more :)
Thanks for passing me the link :)
Hope to see you again soon

Love :)

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