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Nerds aren't boring.....

Halooo Vanilla people:) this is one post I wrote long time back...loved writing and friends liked it here I'm sharing with u...For those of you not familiar with Hindi...lemme know..I'll help:) and yes the beauty of the words lies in the way they have been written, precisely that is why I did not translate in English...:) enjoiiiiiiii;)

Welcome to the world of classes, lectures, doubts, queries, results, awards, trophies, scholarships. In short- ACADEMICS.
In a classroom of merely 40 students, there exists a wide variety of species. One of the most talked about is “The Nerds”.

We all have bad mouthed about them. What? You thought you were actually praising them when you said “ tera kya hai,tu toh padhakoo hai, tere toh marks waise hi aa jayenge”, and then gave them those looks as if they were Einstein dropped from “geniuses heaven”.

In these exams of mine, a trail of thought brought me here to write this, as I wholeheartedly empathised with the feelings of a friend of mine. Both of us who might have gone through, and even in the present times too listen to the constant label of “a nerd and padhakoo”...the difference simply lies in the fact that during school, I too used to think of her as a genius, a “ratoo tota,( who might not have any goal in life except scoring a 99 in whatever subject she studied); another difference being that by face I guess (I “feel”) that I look a mix of a chilled out + may be a studious But now that view for my friend has changed and only for the good, no, for the best!!

Ok so coming to the point there are some huge myths which people have as far as these nerds are concerned, and they are as follows( we write in the exams like this, don’t we??:)-

1. It really hurts when you tell them that they don’t have to do anything. For God sake, it takes brains to take in that huge chunk of syllabus, digest it and excrete it( I use the word “excrete” than the clich├ęd “vomit”, because it’s really not a pleasure digesting that bookish cuisine ) in our exams which precisely what all of us do.
The difference simply lies in what others excrete, the beauty of their matter and what the so called “geniuses” do. They actually might fair on the “art of presentation”.

2. They are not boring. (I repeat, NOT BORING AT ALL). Simply because of the fact that you never talked to them except books, references, syllabus, exams, tests, assignments, as you always need them for plain work (and they graciously help you with a smile on their face).Try for once talking about their interests, movies, hobbies, gossips, teachers( yup, you got it right). And once you strike the right chord, you’ll realise that there is so much naughtiness hidden behind those bespectacled glasses.

3. Teachers- though there are some who are truly teacher’s pet, wagging their tails behind them to get marks and attention; but some nerds are polite enough not to do that. Logically speaking (I hope I’m not writing in a “nerdish way”) teachers want good results in the form of “marks” which indicates how hard they worked (ha!!).And when these first benchers “nerds” get good marks, they set them as a benchmark to evaluate the others performance (unfortunately) and sadly making them their pet. In the true context just like a dog isn’t given a chance to select his master, similarly the kid isn’t given the choice either!!
And more often than not these kids loathe their teacher. Politeness is just at the face of it. It’s only when you talk to them, you’ll be amazed at the amount of ‘perfect imitation’, bad names these kids have for their teachers.

4. Spectacles-how can the esteemed property be behind, when we talk of no one, but “nerds”. More often associated with intellectual people. No wonder that spects do makes one look intellectual enough. But studies are not the only reason one might have them. It’s sad that many forget a multitude of factors that may lie behind like- watching TV while lying down, playing computer games, reading novels in the dark( now pls. They are not text books. ok). And for those who wish to look intellectual but don’t even have that 1%, please feel free to wear zero power glasses. It’ll not only give you that “padhakoo touch” (for a change), but will also make you look hot too!!

5. Sociability factor- though most of the “nerdies” are thought to be introverts, lost in their own world of books, and having a handful of friends. They actually might not be. Please clear your thoughts if you thought they can’t talk. ahemmmm!!They can be so talkative, likable, lovable, and have a good sense of humour too. And the dimension of introversion and extraversion lies on a continuum, we all keep swinging back and forth in between this. Extroverts, when we are with our good friends and maybe ambiverts or introverts, when with others.

6. And simply because of the reason that they too are humans and have the right to make mistakes, they too can fail and get low marks. And moreover they work hard for themselves, not too fulfill your unrealistic expectations. And at times when the results aren’t up to the mark, it hurts and pains too. And etiquettes only say that you keep your mouth shut instead of babbling “Oye!!tere kam kaise aa gaye?”.After all marks is not the end all and be all.

These so called or thought of “padhakoos” have a life too, which they often live in a happy way. After sometimes your remarks don’t bother (and which you take as arrogance perhaps). It’s just that you have made them resistant enough to take even more hard things. And they laugh, sing, dance, paint, write, play and compose music, sports, create new things in their own world ( a world which accepts them unconditionally the way they are. A place where they are at their best)
I remember the last school birthday we celebrated. I was thoroughly enjoying and dancing with my friends. And after it ended, one of the “very vella” classmate of mine told me...”Waah yaar Aakriti, tujhe itni freely dance karte dekhar acha laga. Mujhe nahi pta tha ki tu itna acha dance bhi karti hai”. All I did was smiled and thanked him, then , and now as I write this.
It’s very peculiar how we categorise and label people as “ nerdy”, “awaara”, “naughty”, “sporty”, “slutty”, “brat”, “charmer” and the list is endless. But behind these labels lie unique personalities and people waiting to be explored and known for what they are and not what just they seem.
A few months back, I had chat with a classmate of mine who once used to hang out with the “awaara gang”. He told me that he had changed, and that, he studies while studying and parties when partying. It made me feel good, and happy for him, as even I lack that much of concentration. With time many things change and so do people and our friends..So let’s shed the labels and start exploring the “real” people....


Ayushi said...

I have come across some beautiful nerds in my school and college life, So I'm in complete agreement with all your points :)
P.S. I love lists and people who make lists :D:D
Take care :)

Khushbu said...

I LOVE this post! :P
I have a real good friend whose a nerd, and he's really cute :D

Rachit said...

Nerds.. my copyrights ... ahann :P

Weakest LINK

Aakriti said...

@ Ayushi: haha....beautiful nerds...well some doubt abt that...but just that they might seem a lil unapproachable...:P in case u wanna date them;) and hey glad to have u here:)

@ Khushbu: thnks a tonne....for LOVING the post;)

@ Rachit: i said in the very beginning i wrote this post in fact more than a yr. back...tu aur tere copyrights...apne paas rakh:D

Rachit said...

This is to bring in your prior notice that Aakriti Malik aka the am( subah hogi :P ) blog has been confiscated by His majesty Rachit Sharma.


Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: Ahan.....ooooh!! Glad to get confiscated then My Lord!!;)

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