Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worn out...

As I’ve been going for my internship for more than a month now, my body tells me how tired and worn out I’m.

My legs have been carrying the weight of my entire body all these years. But it’s only few days back I realized how much pain they have been having. I ‘felt’ the pain, I 'felt' my legs. I tried to unconsciously tell them “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine in sometime” but they still ache.

I want someone to just massage my legs, till the pain eases away……swiftly…

Every time I think of going for a nice brisk evening walk, my aching legs don’t let me.
I feel as if I might just collapse, my legs feel too weak, as if they don’t have any strength..

Other than the things that God has gifted me, one thing I feel sad for is my ‘lacking stamina’ ..coz I get tired too easily, and no matter how hard I try to multitask, time and again, my body only tells me that I’m capable of doing one thing at a time- thankfully I do that better.

I’m tired, very tired, yet I write- for the love of blogging, and for the love of sharingJ

I wonder how ants work all day long? And yet they are so tiny beautiful creatures….
And bees, who often go by the tag “Busy bees”…??

Sigh…..I’m tired…

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