Friday, July 22, 2011

Greatful for...lessons I learn.

This week has been a pleasant one, with some memories of yesterdays lingering on, a kind of loss which I felt, and ending on a happy note with a sweet talk with an old schoolmate and a nice day at the Hospital where I’m interning.

Perhaps we all know how it is like losing or breaking up with someone. When one gives him/ herself into a relationship, it not only means giving a part of that ‘self’ it also means giving and sharing your honest self with that person…..that person with whom you begin to trust, with whom you begin to feel that life is worth living, who tells you where you are wrong, and also at times how awesome and fab you are….when I talk of ‘that’ Person, it can stand true for any relationship…And when it ends in some ways or the other, it hurts.

  But I also wish to say something important that I learnt this week, that if we feel that a relationship might come to an end soon, its best to allow yourself to face that fact, and instead of ridiculing the other person and saying bad names just because the person doesn’t wish to talk to you or has moved ahead in life, recall all the beautiful moments you spent with that person…..for the sweetness will still linger and perhaps bring a beautiful smile on your face.
(Perhaps you may feel that it is easier said than done, for how can that friend/ beloved/ or anyone just leave you?? I understand that, and only after experiencing it I write this)
Trust me…it feels good to free that person and yourself from any kind of bondages and grief…So…

Forgive that person, for no one is perfect. They came, spent some of their ‘valuable’ time of life with you, isn’t that to be greatful for as well??

Be greatful…Be good to your ‘self’

Last but not the least...Im glad I got to hear Advaita, a Delhi based fusion band...I love the way they blend the Western with the classical..Listen to there song "Drops of Earth" just play this song by clicking on the link and on the track by this name...would love to hear how you found it? I love the voice of the Western Singer:P

This week's grateful post at Baby Mac..and yeah I love being 'greatful' rather than grateful;)

Wishing you all a nice weekendJ

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi Aakriti..forgiveness and keeping a guard over your mouth are so freedom and life giving, to both ourselves and others. I totally appreciate where you're coming from.

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