Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Nicely Weird Feeling

A nicely weird feeling…….

They both had been working together for few weeks. He was working on a project and she had come from some other university to get an exposure of a research experience. She didn’t have much to do except for observing him do his job, ask him where ever she didn’t understand something about the samples, and he would be kind enough to share things which he thought she should know.

As she sat beside him, he would quietly look at his long pretty eyelashes and the small eyes that hid beneath them. She would see how he would interact with the research participants during interviews, and take notes of whatever she felt was relevant. She found him very cute looking, and his smile was something she fell for among many other things. Surely he was good looking, had a nice healthy built, was taller than her (She didn’t care about the precise height), fair and was sweet to talk to.

She met him thrice a week, and other days she felt that she missed seeing him, for he would be on some other task on those ‘two missing days’. She would come before him and wait for him and as they would look at each other, all they would exchange were short sweet smiles and a ‘hi’.

She had a lot going in her mind as she sat beside him; fantasies of going up to him and telling him that she liked him, and hugging him and feeling secure in his strong masculine arms.

One day she saw him filling up a registration form for attending some conference, in which he had written his cell number. She saw that number and tried to over look it as he did his work. Then secretly she glanced at that number and saved it in her cell. As she did that, it so happened that the dial button got pressed and she quickly cancelled it. She breathed  a sigh of relief. In a split second, something happened that she quickly went to her contact list and deleted his number, no matter how willing she was to keep it. As she did that she looked at that form and tried to memorize his number, why she was doing that she herself had no clue.

She shared with a friend of hers, her liking towards that guy, and she only wished that something could happen between them in the course of time she was there.

Her friend had sat with her and that guy one day and described him as a gentleman; this all the more ignited the flame within her.

Yet despite of her sweet crush, there was something she was scared of, and that was going up to him and telling him how much she liked him.

Her friend told her that there was a good probability that he might be committed. To that she answered coolly “In a profession like his, one hardly finds good looking girls, so I guess a nerd like him might just be in love with books than anything else”, and then they laughed together…..

Yet she considered what her friend had said, but it was also true that it felt great with him, and it was after many years she had felt this way for a guy…..


Rachit said...

and then? is there any second part ?
will love to read what happen next.

Weakest Link

Bhargav Bhatt said...

" kahin na laage man, kya hai yeh suna pan..."

aakkriitiiiiiii,...kya ho raha hai, mujhe koi batayega... :)

gr8 describe... kyun chupati ho apne aap ko apne aap se... yun na khel teri muskurahat se,..yaar .. bada dard hota hai phir.. :)

i know u gonna kill me for this comment

Aakriti said...

@ Bhargav: Woaa...that was SOMETHING u wrote:P..I have no clue hw to respond to that..waah waah kya likha hai...!!:P and yeah m not hiding my smiles from my self in anyway....m not killing u either:P

Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: haloo...and then....??;) well let time takes it own if there will be a second part, u'll get to know:)

MultipleMum said...

What a lovely love story. I do wonder how it turned out? (I suspect you may know this boy with long eyelashes and small eyes?). Thanks for Rewinding x

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