Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bright Sun ( Randomity)

Time for Randomity…..and there might be just question and answer with u as well…;)

Don’t you feel great when you read simple words which mean great? LIKE “I love you”?

And how do you feel when the sun shines bright after the rain??
Well, yeah you wanted the rain drops to stay with you for a lil longer, but sun? Can you live without it?

What happens when you see that crush of yours smile to you, and ah!! The heart flutters like a butterfly, doesn’t it? And in moments you are in the sky, flying oh! So high, with no worries to bring you down!!

And when the symphony of violins and piano echoes in your ears telling you life is great and sure shall be, if YOU WANT IT TO BE!!:)

Yeah there are days which are slow, dull and gloomy, but well, if we WANT something WE CAN GET IT, whatever might be!!!

So on this note………
May the sun shine bright,
May the clouds be blue,
And when in doubt,
Just tell yourself,
There are some dear people,
Who love you for ‘YOU’!!



Bhargav Bhatt said...

"there are some dear people...who love you for you"... very nice... :)

Aakriti said...

Heya Bhargav:) Hope u doing well..oh yea..there are ppl like that...they may not say it..but deep within they love us for some strange things in us...:)have a great week ahead:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful :)
I feel all the way more awesome after reading this! Hi five. Hugs all the way!!

Aakriti said...

Hey Risha....I simply love ur sounds very melodious..other than that. thank feels great if someone feels great after reading what I have written:) that's like getting more than what you thought!:)

Unknown said...

Aakriti means creation and that's one hell of a lovely name too :)
Thank you sweetie, you rock :)

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