Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man ki Baatein

Man ki Baatein
Kise samjhaeein yeh man kya chahta hai…
Jo na keh sakein woh yeh ankhein keh deti hain.
Kise batayein yeh man ki uljhanein,
Humein khud zanjor sa deti hain.

Kyun hai yeh itna bhola?
Ki khushi itni jhalakti hai,
Chehre par muskaan,
Ek sundar hasi banti hai.

Chahe  yeh man koi na khushi,
Jo milne se pehle chali jaati hai,
Kyun khatkataya is man ke darwaze par?
Jab kahin aur behti chali jati hai?


PS: I didn't intend to write this post at all...But well, things change in moments...and so it is here..My second Hindi poem


Unknown said...

What does it means??? :) But judging on it, though i didnt understood it, it sounds like a great poem :)

Unknown said...

Amazing poem :-)
I don't understand why people hunt for things they cannot own or preserve! We should be looking for things that make US happy!
Anyway, keep writing, your a very good writer :-)

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