Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life- Adratic Equations

Life- Adratic Equations

I don’t remember myself being too good at Maths. Took it up merrily in Eleventh grade thinking I’ll blow Fireworks with it, knowing I wasn’t much capable of it, but left it mid- way when I saw how mad people were getting with Trigonometry and what not, as I gawked sitting in class not knowing how to proceed further.

Well, my bro told me for quite some time “There is nothing in the world you can do without Math”..Well, I don’t really miss it, my life is still running until I go to a vegetable seller and get stuck in basic 5 th grade Math. ( Read: There are always some things which we are superb at, and some things which we suck at…I don’t care;)

Anyway…coming to the point. As the title of this post goes..I very nicely recalled the word “quadratic” equations and remember doing that in my 10th grade, nicely enough. Yo!! (M not kidding, I got decent marks in my board examinations..anyway)

A talk with a new sweet friend led me to write this. It made me realize how different “life- adratic equations” are…different people ( variables) and different results.

Some people we gel better with, and well, with some, it takes years and we still continue to fight, but the equation still remains.
Life is one marvel, I began understanding some 8 years ago, as my very first poem was titled “life”…and till date it amazes me, helps me learn, unravel innumerable aspects about people, relationships and myself.

There have been moments when I’ve tried too hard to bring a particular softness in a relationship, but, well just like the variables in quadratic equations make curves which we only get to know after we’ve made them, perhaps similarly the flow of life too determines the flow of events ( this however does not mean we can’t change anything)

So my life-adratic curves have been of various bends, some smooth, other’s too curvy, but I just wish to be glad for all the drawings on my canvas of lifeJ

What do you have to say about your “life- adratic equations”?;)

PS: Those of you Math geniuses, kindly ignore the mathematical errors I might have made...and pls don't point out...coz there is a nice message this post leaves for you...Have a great day!!:) gratsi

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