Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's in S.P.A.C.E?

Have you given them their ‘space’?

WellAs has been quite apparent in my previous posts, by now I’m sure people who’ve known me real well, or have begun to understand me gradually know how much value ‘space’ holds for me..

But today I’ll not be writing about my space, but about ‘giving space’ to your friends, to your closed ones, in moments when they have asked you to let them be by themselves, when they say ‘I need some time with myself’ . Think and tell me (if you can share) what happens to you in moments?

I've somehow in all these years of my friendship with my bestie never ever had a problem of feeling my space and giving her space. I guess some relations are just too well understood. Well I’ll not exaggerate though, because there have been times when I’ve tried to talk to her and tell me what’s wrong with her, but she just wished to remain in her own shell, and then all I did was receded unwillingly.
The same is happening with another friend of mine. And I’m trying my best.

This tells me thatit’s not easy for people ( even your closed ones) to leave you in a ‘miserable’ state when you wish to be by yourself. But every time is not the same timethere are times when our ‘self’ requires to be alone, to be by itself so as to recuperate whatever pain, loss, grief we have gone through. And in such moments, I feel that when a person requests you to let them just ‘be’, then they are saying that for the best of themselves and for know why I say this?

Coz it is far better than wrong words being spoken,
It is far better than getting oneself entangled into any sort of misunderstanding,
And yes it is far better when the person deals with something him/herself and emerges stronger without anyone’s help
Coz life as it is, every time there won’t be our closed ones who’ll be around,

In the end, it’s we who got to fight all odds, to stand up tall, like a bright Sunflower ready to face the world on a new day!

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Bhargav Bhatt said...

we are the one defining the word FRIENDSHIP, as per our needs and thus killing the concept.

yet as and when needed and felt, SPACE is very much important, so that the person glimpse within to overcome all odds.

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