Wednesday, June 22, 2011



It’s not that I had a hold on you,
That I’m setting you free…
It’s not that I didn’t thought you’ll leave,
But I’ll go away, so you know who I was..
It’s not that I didn’t cherish what we shared,
(I still cherish our sweet talks),
But I guess time on your side is moving too fast…

So this time I set you free,
Go where you wish to my friend,
This moment, I realized that I lost my importance,
Even as you might disagree,
I’m not a fool, not a naïve,
This life did teach me things,
But yeah…you go tread a new path of life,
I don’t even think you’ll make any amends…

Times we shared were surely blissful,
And I won’t deny that even a pinch,
But yes, I do know now,
That time too changes a plenty of things,
I’ll not break this friendship,
No, that would be too kiddish of me,
But like with my many other friends,
I’ll get used to seeing less of thee…..


Ryan said...

sad and beautiful all wrapped up into one...

Bhargav Bhatt said...

shall i say something... !!!

let my silence speak for you...

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