Monday, June 20, 2011



There are moments when you are elated, joyous to the core that you don’t know which words could best describe your feelings.and then there are moments when after a storm has hit you, the silence that longs after that is so unnerving, that you are in a state of ‘blankitude’.
Yes I just coined this word right now. It’s not that a tornado or a storm hit me by, but something happened which has been happening for past few months. And though I very much yearn to share, but I’m just thinking of keeping that aside.
There are moments when the waves feel beautiful.and what if all of a sudden the waves no longer are a part of the ocean?? The ocean may be in a state of 'blankitude’.
Pardon me if this all seems too abstract, I feel weird now. There are a plenitude of thoughts going past my mind as I write this.
I’m sad, I wish to be alone. I’,m disappointed by myself and someone close to me and someone who I thought was close to me, and then my weak bodySigh..
Don’t have anything else to sayBye.

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Bhargav Bhatt said...

its coz we expect too much from our ownself and our own dreams,.. we rely on others, fellow humans and at times even if they do not intend they hurt you in ways...

hey tgc... keep smiling, rough weathers makes us strong..

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