Sunday, June 5, 2011

On my path~ to satisfaction

I’m on my way……
After weeks of cribbing, crying, irritability and what not…I feel glad and contented that now I have dreams to pursue and goals to keep me going.

Life can’t walk on a straight path, ha!! As if we can, don’t twist and turns excite us? Perhaps that is why we love going on roller coasters. I doooo!! Do you?
So I’m trying to live ‘alive’ again. Yes…I simply love this word “alive”..

It tells me that the drums are thumping, the symphony is at its best, the flowers of spring are smiling with a shiny sun and blue sky over their head, the leaves hustle with the cool breeze, and the birds chirp on the morning trees.

Life is not all beautiful, I have realized that before….guess this time I had forgotten, so my life needed it’s time to help me get back to my rhythm. I’m glad….

May we all learn what life is every single day and thank the moments which make us feel rightly so what “we” are in our own waysJ


PS: there is this calmness which I see in this picture I saw and felt, so it is here. Do share what do u think and feel after seeing this picture of purple flowers:) 


Unknown said...

Life is full of metaphors :) And you're right about the picture, it quite soothes me watching at it.

Aakriti said...

thanks for reading Joross:) n m glad u like the pic too:)

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