Thursday, July 8, 2010

Magic Re- created

How do I tell you that I miss you?
Miss you even before I got to know you,

How do I share all the things I wish to?
The ones I thought I would share,

How do I express myself, the way I usually do?
‘Coz we don’t talk that often,

How do I know, it was just for courtesy?
The friendship which was extended,

How do I say, what I really want to?
For things may turn from good to worse,

And how do I let you know?
I thought it would last, but I never showed,

All I’ll treasure are the moments spent,
The ones, sweet and naughty,

And if we don’t talk in future again,
I might regret, but will surely smile,

For the days I talked,
Were the most beautiful ones,
Bringing out my true creativity,

And here I am thanking you,
For coming in my life, for a few moments,

The magic, the wonder that enclosed me,
Was far beyond my reach,

The magician came and left it there,
Leaving my life, spellbound,

He gave me a chant, to smile and to cheer,
Every time I had his thought!!


SarGun said...

thumbs up like alwaz...

Secret Angel said...

:) "like"

shriya said...

hey really nice yar :) :) wid each poem of urs u keep getting better ... just better :):*

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