Sunday, April 26, 2015

What contentment feels like…..

It feels like the soft blanket warming your body as you sleep yourself with wide smiles, only to wake up tomorrow with more doses of hope.
It feels like the sun shining brighter just to see you succeed in the hardest battle of your life.
It feels like the silence wishes to reach you and if responded wants to be with you.
It feels like all the colours in the world exist just for you.
It feels like the street dog came near you just so he could offer you more love.
It feels like life was always the way it was, just that we never paused.
It feels like some songs were just waiting for your attention so you could hear them on repeat.
It feels life giving you a chance to slow down and savour every single drizzle of it.

Life of a lotus:) Photo Credits: Kunal Malviya, fellow blogger friend

Happy Weekend:) Aakriti

1 comment:

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

Lovely lines...take the chance, slowdown, and savour every moment...


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