Sunday, July 29, 2012

From small tables for two to life’s besetting worries…

Dear Life,
Hi! No I won’t ask how have you been coz you have always been a constant companion allowing me to witness the innumerable events that keep you occupied. Ah! You are one busy abstraction that lives in reality. Your mystique never fails to surprise me. Mind you, ever since I began writing it was about you that my pen weaved the first poetry and my journey with you only gets more bizarre and exciting.
Worries, they say, are never ours to own, are creations of this multitude of thoughts that rise in this little bundle of neocortex. Then I wonder if mine does more than necessary task required at a particular time. A second thought ( see my brain at work?) leads me to say that had my brain been over functional in a brighter way then I would have achieved feats which would have made me a 'real’ brilliant girl. Ah! Now what at all is ‘real’? My definition varies from yours and their definition may vary from both of ours.
Now I know that you can hear and feel me all the time, yet I choose to say it loud and clear that growing up isn’t an easy task at all. Next I wonder if only there was a guidebook which could teach me how to face different circumstances in different ways. My mind thinks further and tells me that considering the myriad subjectivities and contexts this could have been an indefinite guide book for which even time would fall short. And then the bulb lights up and tells me, you in your omnipresent being are a lesson, a chapter, a book and treatise; that which varies from one to another and from another to that other.
I dined with my family last night in a restaurant. Every time I visit restaurants I unknowingly look for the size of ‘a table for two’. Did you know that a table for two is often smaller than the requirements of two people? At times it is so small that it would only suffice for one person when the food ordered along with cutlery is placed on the table. I still have a vivid image of the table for two I sat on with a friend when I dined at Pizza Hut. It was a task to fit so many things on that tiny table yet enjoy them.
Now tell me, do you follow the same principle too, of course unknowingly I mean? At times you leave the table so blank that the soul starves waiting for some nourishment to come its way. Other times you double  the  platter leaving enough even when one is satiated till the brim. How about balancing it my dear? Of course if I lend you my vivid memories then you shall recall what all I’m indicating you to. And yes, just like there are hiccups which bother you just when you wish to enjoy the food you ordered, you too don’t lag behind in doing the same, hmm?
Far from being mysterious and enigmatic, it’s the puzzle you are which I wish to solve as I end this life some day. And even as I’ll narrate my own experiences to my grandchildren, if fortunate enough, even then, you being you shall evade me in some ways. I won’t be able to tell them ‘ My dear kids, go live life this way’ for even then my pieces of your puzzle shall at times leave me astray. But yes, I only hope, for hope is all I have, that one fine day, I be able to look back and say “When life offered me lemons, I made lemonade on all dull days.”  

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