Sunday, August 5, 2012

(F)ew (R)elationships (I)n life (N)ever END

You know it’s time to write when you miss sitting on your table with your laptop in front of you. Few days back I shared with a fellow blogger friend how bizzarely my page views per day would cross more than 100 or 200 yet no one would bother to leave a comment. Indeed chocolates are to chocoholics what comments are to us bloggers. So as much as I wish to say that this post is solely for my special friends (people who have made a special difference in my lives so far) its also to share what friendship means to me....

I learnt a few years back the full form of F.R.I.E.N.D.: Few relationships in life never end.
This Friendship’s Day was a special one very special one! In the last one year I met some wonderful souls, bright, cheerful, caring, kind, giving. As much as their acumen impressed me it was their sweet hearts which drew me closer to call them that ‘special’ friend. While one hot chick. Vrinda, much younger to me always brings my teen years back, there is this bestie from school ( who goes by the name Srishti)  who knows how to truly give. All these years I learnt how she was there to stand by her friends when they desperately needed her even as she was in pain which she would never get reflected in any way.  
I have often wondered how these wonderful people have the capacities to be by themselves in their depressing and heart aching moments. I as a friend have always wished to be there for them, sigh…I feel I hardly get opportunities for doing so. Nevertheless I told my friend once “ it’s okay if you don’t feel like sharing with me but if you do find someone else who did made you feel better, I’ll be simply content by the fact that your smile came back.”
I know not how to thank for the bundles of love I received this friendship day. These wonderful people now constitute my world. I thanked God last night for all these beautiful souls that he gifted me in the past one year and those which have always been there when I needed them.
I wish I could thank each one of you personally for coming to my lives and making it shine with your presence.
Gunjan ( for the great strength you are all by yourself, steady as a rock and great as ever)
 Shriya ( for the chirpy nerdy birdy and sweetness you are!)
 Sri Sri Srishti (for being rooted as ever and the kindest soul I’ve ever met and for all the never ending support)
 Vrin Vrin daa (You are a true Powerpuff girl. A hot sexy blend of strength, love, sunshine smile and yet again kindness!;)
Kunal ( Ah! Meeting you and getting to know you have been such bliss. Thank you is over the top now:P ;) So I’ll say ‘You are one guy I highly respect for everything you are’J.
Mad Mad Super Mad Mado ( Mudasir)  :P… This lazy ass dude is so chilled out in life, annoyingly chilled out but he has his delightful and hero-ishtic ( tashan type) ways. Good looking till the last ‘g’, he has this sweet heart which only ends up in you loving him regardless of the silly things he does! Amateur photographer doing great work!:) Oye Mado…you know how mad you are, right;)?
Chayanika di ( for all the love I got from you, it felt great to be treated by a kid by someone),
 Ila ( Loved the Bangalore trip, the night talks on that breezy terrace, the morning breakfast and the clicks that we had;)
Chhavi ( for being in touch with me and for admiring me. Chhavu, you are one friend who I know I can always get in sync with no matter where my life ends up being. Life’s events just bring us closer, don’t they;)
Paully (Paulina, my best Postcrosser friend from Finland): She knows how to care for her lovely postcrosser friends. She is that one friend who has always surprised me sitting miles away, brought a smile on my face. Hearty thanks to you Paully. I thank you for being my friend. One day we shall meet!
Liz ( Elizabeth, sweet Postcrosser friend from Australia): Liz was my first pen pal and we do have lots to share, write and mail to each other in our hand written letters. Thank you Liz for the concert ticket you sent me for the show at Sydney Opera House. I was deeply touched and loved the instrumental showJ Thank you for the Koala bear, for the picture you clicked. You are indeed a delightful girl! Apologies for not being able to rply to your letter darling but I know you understand.
Claud ( Claudia, a stunningly pretty postcrosser friend from Barcelona, Spain): We exchanged a swap, I sent her a request on FB and voila all I know is that I love her, even though we just shared a few conversations.:) 

There are many more I wish to thank. Thank you every single person who brought a smile and touched my heart in some or the other wayJ
I know my ways to thank, so if I have not thanked you personally today ( lack of time too) trust me I'll thank you for sure one fine day:) God bless you for being so kind and loving!:)

Here me say
I'll rise up till the end
Here me say
I'll stand up for my friend!
 (Song: Colorblind, Overtone)

Love to AllJ

P.S: May we all stay friends forever!:)


Kunal said...

A gentleman's reply - 'The pleasure is all mine'.

A Philosopher gentleman's reply - 'Achhe logon ko achhe log hi milte hai'.

A humble gentleman's reply - 'I am so touched you consider me such a good friend'

A pagal gentleman's reply - 'Pagal log ko pagal log hi milte hai!

kuch aur yaad add kar dunga...filhaal itna hi....

thoda paani milega....likhte likhte pyaas lag gayi! :P

Bikram said...

Excellent , I love the people who remember their friends always .. we all have been touched by someone somewhere sometime..

Friendship is a bliss and a big responsibility toooo

god bless you and all your friends
happy friendship day yesterday-today-tomorrow always


Irfanuddin said...

i wish you get more n more wonderful friends like those who have been mentioned here by you....

Happy friendship day..:)

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