Saturday, March 3, 2012

Splendid Saturday!

Something about: Food

 There is something food does to us as we fold those beautiful slippery flat noodles into our silver folk, bring them closer to our desperate lips, look at them in awe with that ravishing green spring onion, perky slender carrots, long thin onions and that crispy capsicum.
This is me with my friend enjoying Pho ( pronunced as Fah)
A Vietnamese traditional dish. Soupy noodles to be precise
But deliciously sinful!

And as this beautiful delight enters our mouth, the magic of taste buds stirs them to the best. The liquid soup texture of noodles and the aroma all add to the taste of the food.
We all know how much time do chefs invest in making their food look presentably delicious. There have been times when I looked at a particular dessert and thought thrice to dig into it simply because I didn’t wish to spoil the beauty of that delicate rich thing!
Savour your food
Appreciate those who cook
For once .experiment with how you cook
A dash of this, a dash of that
If you don’t like any dash
Lose yourself in the aroma of what you had!

Do you live to eat?
Or eat to live?
I wish to make a Cheese Cake Someday! 

PS: Caution: Health Hazard: As much as good looking food is good for our senses, indulging in comfort foods is injurious to health!

PPS: Did the above PS even get registered in our brain? ;)

Happy Weekend!


Seana Smith said...

Ah, but a little of what you fancy can go a long way, don't you reckon? I am aiming to eat really great grub... but a bit less of it. Wish me luck!

PS Blogger commentsing is terrible, esp when I have to do Captcha things - often give up.

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

The PS was not for me. I live to eat. Plain and simple :)

Miss Komal said...

Agree with the PPS>! :D

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