Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greatful for.. My Wonderful Teacher

Love filled Respect
O Dear teacher of mine
My gratitude I offer to thee
For the passion of learning
You offer, so sweetly and lovingly
O Dear ideal of mine
The richness you spring in this heart
The will to reach the stars
The eyes you glitter in my eyes
Oceans full of regards to thee

O Dear guide of mine
Patience, your kindness, an asset
Wisdom, maturity, so much to learn
The fire ignites, dear Sir,
For you, from you, for years to come…………

Highest regards and heartfelt gratitude



Maxabella said...

To Sir with Love springs to mind! Just wonderful that you have such a brilliant teacher and so much respect, Aakriti. x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous poetry! xx

Aakriti said...

Maxy: I'm o greatful I have him. he is a mentor, friend, guide, and everything one could be!:)

Kymmie: Thank you:)

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