Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcoming 2012:)


This year.
Work Harder,
Have some more fun
Make some new friends
Send them personalized hand written letters
Make yourself fall in love with
Someone (anyone)J
Appreciate life
LIVE EACH DAY ( coz what if world this year ends??!!)
In each moment

Wishing All my Fab Vanilla People A Gorgeous and a blessed 2012:) 

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give”
~Kahlil Gibran


PS: Off to Blore tmrw:) See you in the New Year:)


Destination Infinity said...

Being expressive, what will my wife think if I fall in love with someone (anyone)?? :P

Ayushi said...

A very happy new year sweetheart :*

Aakriti said...

ES: HAHA:D.. Well.. falling in love doesn't always means 'romantic love' my is much beyond and so much more than just 'romantic one'. Well, what would everyone's wife would have thought if literally everyone was loving 'thy neighbor' that way:P haha ;)

A very happy New Year to you:) Thanks for coming by!

VARUN.K.R said...

very good blog, your prev comment was better.. love between lovers is not the only love, have many more and doesn't stop between hus & wife..its endless..and its 100times better than the word "romance" means. its just a part of love.
happy new year.

Deepak Karthik said...

Wowie post !
happy year ahead !

Rahul said...
Left something for you here..:-) do check it out...

Suree said...


P.S. Did I tell you how much I loved your surprise in my mail box ? ;)

***Desi Ninja***

Bikram said...

Have a great day and happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ... :)

I loved the little pictures of lion king and all ..

Ruchi Jain said...

I love the cartoons.. nice.. and happy new year.

Ryan said...


I would love to see you fall in love! Just imagine what extra's it would add to your already fab blog!!!! Happy New Year!!!

Aakriti said...

Dear All, extremely srry for a late rply. I knw its been a week since the forst day of New Year. Have been away!! Wishing u a very fabulous 2012. Hope u had lots of fun on New Year's eve and 1st Jan too:)

Ruchi: hola!! thank u :)

Ry: That's such a lovely thing to say, well said indeed. If without that someone I'm like this, then you can only imagine what heights will my imagination reach once that happens;) love!

Suree/ Desi Ninja: So what all have u been doing at nights dude;)?? Wishing u the same:)

Deepak: Thank u:) same to u as well. glad u liked the post!

Varun: So nice to have u on my blog. Apologies for not being able to rply soon. Glad you like Yarn of~ words:)

Ayu: thanks u too as well:)

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