Monday, December 12, 2011

The ‘oh! So Bright SUN- day!’

The ‘oh! So Bright SUN- day!’

I wonder if universities instead of keeping entrance exams, keep vivas or exams on Sundays. Mine, well it just did. Apparently and gladly so, it turned out to be a nice one…
So as I was about to exit from the metro station taking up the ‘going- to- heaven’ escalator ( coz its super long and its steepness makes me feel as if I’ll step into clouds:P) a lady clad in a sari asked me that she couldn’t take the escalator, in that very moment I climbed the stairs and was already moving away from her, so I walked against the direction of the escalator, went to her and helped her, along with another man to get on the steps. On the- stairs- to- heaven, she told me in her village accent “Beti, yeh toh tumne madad kardi nahi toh in sidiyon par toh chakkar se ate hain” .

Well, with a smile on my face I took another flight of stairs, then walked towards my college. As I entered my deserted campus, I stepped into the field. Walked under the shade of a huge tree and then stepped into the blessing rays of the sun. I looked at the sun! Ah! I could feel its love for me shining bright and warming me! As I looked for a nice place to comfort myself in the sunshine, I greeted a lady guard sitting in the sun, basking in its morning warmth.
I have this habit of wishing guards or even maids on duty, because I feel they just sit there whole day, no one to talk to (all by themselves), maybe no one to even thank them for what they do . If my greeting can bring them a sense of acknowledgement and a smile, well, then my job is doneJ

So yeah, as I was trying to find a place to sit, this ladyguard asks me “Aaj viva hai?” I respond to her by saying yes, and so I nicely sit myself on the wall, next to her and we begin our chat. I tell her that I’m from another university ( our campus has two universities' collg in one!). She tells me that she knows that.

I started enjoying the conversation. I wanted to hear her in fact. She told me that she earned a meagre salary of 6000 bucks, her company didn’t even give her any leave, and for every off she would take, they would deduct 200 rupees from her salary. I felt sad at hearing that. I mean leave Sundays, but she wasn’t spared for one single day! I asked her “Agar kisi ki tabiyat kharab ho toh?” She then tells me “Unhe isse kya matlab! Humare rishtdaar unke thodi na hain!”. She was a very cute looking lady. She told me that she regretted over the fact that she hadn’t studied much, had she done that, she would have had a far better job in hand today and then she would have been enjoying her Sunday nicely at home. And then she told me “Bus aise mausam mein toh chai mil jaye” (Delhi is getting chillier day by day, and mornings are windy and sunny). I then responded by saying and stressing on “Adrak  wali chai!” and yes she had a smile on her face as she agreed with me.

I asked her about her children, she asked me about my place. We had a short sweet conversation. We might have talked for some 20 minutes or so. I looked at my watch, and told her “Aunty, mere viva ka time ho gaya hai, mujhe jana padega! Aapse baat karke acha laga”. I did ask her name, which I don’t recall at the moment. But yes, her smiling face is right there in front of my eyes as I write this.

There was this sense of contentment which embraced me after my talk with her. The Best bit was that, like a blessing, I carried it with me all day long!
My viva was good!:) and m glad for that too
Yes my lovely sun always brings a smile on my face, more so, coz my love for it doubles up in winters!:)

Yeh dhoop ki kirne,
Yeh lehrati zulfein,
Yeh thandi hawa,
Yeh adrak ki chai,
Bus, kabhi kabhi,
Ek muskurahat ke liye,
Zyada door nahi jana padta
Kyunki……wahin apke aas paas,
Idhar ya udhar…who apko dhundti hai…!!!:)


One Life. Many Moments. said...

Oh so bright sunny post! :D :D :D

Kunal said...

I have a story to tell...a bit similar...but..lambi hai thodi....yahan par likh nahi paunga :)

These small incidents...always brings a smile..and contentment...

we used to play cricket with the mess workers in the college... and I remember..when I went for the january chilly winter...we..a group of 4-5 boys sat outside the college building on the grass..where a group of 4-5 guards were sitting...circling a fire...some of them were sitting on chairs..and they offered us to sit on them...thinking ..we are some high class babus..who don't seen on the grass...we sat beside them...on the same plane...shared the same fire...same warmth...and some of them also shared the cigarettes....we didn't talk much...but we knew...that there is not much separating us...we are all the same...well..almost :)

Its almost a post... :D

Bikram said...

BEAUTIFUL bright SUNNY pocsitive post .. a smile can do wonders wish more and more people smile ..
it does not matter who or what one does if we can have a hello with a smile then that will brighten up the day toooo


Selurus said...

I get nervous while giving interviews, or face to face exams but it's encouraging to have a good start to the day and gain positive energy. Really sets you in a good mood and makes good things happen :)

PhilO♥ said...

How sweet of you to talk to her :) I'm sure you made her day! :)
It was a positive post :)

Rachit said...

different shades of lives, some love, other hate... some want and others regret :)

Weakest LINK

phatichar said...

nice sunny post :)

Aakriti said...

@ Twee: :D:) HAppy Sunshine:)

@ Kunal: Naah naah..not a toh meri hai...tu uska credit mat le;):D..haha....thanks for sharing...i knw such moments feel beautiful and u can only thank that very "Moment" for being there:)

@ Rachit: :) Thank u, it's a pleasure to have u here always. and well is a canvas, and we it's artists!

@ Phatichar: wHY this name??:P lol...thank u for coming by here..and for liking it!

@ Bikram: Heyloz!!!:):) how u doing?? whats up at ur end?? Evrything might be sparkly red, green, white for Xmas?? and yes...smiles are beautiful, and gifting them to others, even more so:)

@ Selurus: Heya!! Thank u for stopping here:) beautiful sun, nice, warm, gorgeous one...and in winters just makes it more special:)

Aakriti said...

@ Philo: Gratsi:) well she made mine...and I hope the same goes for her too..:) thanks for coming by!!

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