Saturday, December 3, 2011

Splendid Saturday!

Splendid Saturdays

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Heya all.. Starting from today, I’ll be writing something unlike I do. So Saturdays shall be a day to share- thoughts, songs, a beautiful post I read, a picture I feel in love with, or anything I found too splendid and worthy of sharing especially on a Splendid Saturday….

So today. I have Saumya, my talented friend from undergrad, a junior of mine, who wrote this fab post which touched my heart.

Many a times in the blogosphere, we find strangers or even friends verbalise our very thoughts which lie dormant in the recesses of our unconscious, only to make us feel how the human species connects to each other at one or the other level.
Thank you Saumya….
Wishing you all a Splendid Saturday….and Sun- day!:D


One Life. Many Moments. said...

Aakriti, pls apna font change karo? Very diff reading it!!:

Aakriti said...

Thanks Twee...All done:):* ooh..I like it..Twee...tweety:)

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

In what words do I thank you? Just know that this is special, especially because it appreciates one the pieces of writing the closest to me. I had a new experience today, which challenges almost each thought which made me comfortable about knowing myself. May be I will talk to you about it someday.

Aakriti said...

Saumya....u don't need to thank me...really. our feeling is let it just be understood..sans any words:) Wishing u the very best...and looking frwrd to meet u soon:)
Stay Blessed~ Aakriti

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