Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Lush Greens

The Lush Greens

As I sit here in the balcony of tenth floor, with the birds finding their way back home, the sky little peach-pink in colour with the strokes of blue enmeshed in like a painter just wanted to feel how the colors would blend together, and I have to say, that he has crafted South of India with the greens, the colour which is about harmony, earthiness as much as it is about calmness.
The cold breeze, ever flowing like a stream here, in Bangalore makes me feel loved. It is so welcoming; clueless about why my legs are shivering I still sit here enjoying the moment that the greens and the canopied trees here have to offer.
The more away we are from nature, the civilized we become, but what use does that civilization have for us, if our very roots are forgotten?

Glad that my very first post of 2012 begins on a ‘naturally’ green and breezy noteJ
Wishing for a ‘natural’ smiley and earthly content year for all of us


PS: To have ur lappy with u makes you feel at home no matter where on the earth you are. It’s like taking your world along with youJ

PPS: Have read ur comments on my previous post. Thank u for the lovely wishes. Will be busy, pls spare me some time if I'm unable to rply, but yes every word of yours is graciously accepted and read:)

1 comment:

Bikram said...

so right if we forget our roots or who we are then what good is this civilization ..

you take care and all the best in what you are doing

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