Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Found Someone Special!

I got a text sometime back on my cell from a friend which meant “ You do not really need to make an impression, for impressions get formed in the most casual of ways”.

But what happens when you see A LIVE, emotional, thoughtful, valuable carbon copy of yours right in front of you, of course framed different physically , one whom you talked, interacted with in your undergrad days, one who was your junior in college, artistic, confident, a leader, a visionary, a daydreamer, a romantic, a poetess, a writer and so much more that it is hard to believe.  
Even as I write this, I feel honoured and privileged to have finally got an opportunity to personally know this young, dynamic, enthusiastic, hopeless romantic, talkative, lovable, adorable girl who both outwardly and inwardly is nothing but ME!!

It might take us ages numbering things that we share in common and as we might keep a track of that, our list would surely lengthen, for we would discover new similarities, laugh crazily over that and then think “Where were we all these years?” And then I would say “ Waiting to be found” !

Meet Saumya, whom I have introduced before in my very first Splendid Saturday Post! I just realized that special people don’t need any occasion to be special, even the most mundane day becomes special when they are there. So turns out that she gets added in my “special people” list.

No you, don’t need to be similar to enter my special people list, as the above quote goes, simple things which define you as a person, and which I appreciate and value too, simply make you a special friend for meJ
I did my undergrad from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, where I met this charming, bright junior of mine who eventually became the Wise president and the President of the Women’s Development Cell ( Saumya, I still dunno the full form of WSDC:P..;) So yeah, a brilliant singer, member of Indian Music Society, an anchor, a debater, with whom I co- anchored the Spic Macay Festival when we had Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra as our guests.
. As we merrily chatted on gtok yesterday, it turned out that we were literally each other’s neighbours as she stays in an area next to where my ends! Her reply “WTF!” :D haha!!
Most importantly, it’s the warmth she exudes that is inviting. Just like everything in itself is an experience, seeing someone who not only reflects you back, but is “you” is something hard to believe! And the beauty lies in the fact that we are alike yet different, different individuals with their lives mapped “maybe” differently (Can’t say much about this!;)  but at the same time having their distinct individualities, which umm…..are alike in many ways as well…!!
I’ll have to understand that the differences perhaps are only cultural or demographical? :P So I wonder if that even counts as a difference?
Love for art, music, poetry, reading, Urdu, romantic cheesy movies no matter how predictable they are, for the real essence and values bestowed upon us by our parents, for respect, and a lot more.

Dear Saumya,
Special thanks for the personal chat we had today! Means a lot to me, and sure it does to you too.

PS: It was when I looked at her phone and smiled wide, coz well... that was same too:P only the colour being different!:D


Rahul said...

:-) Ohh so you know Saumya.:-) Awesome.Yep she is a fantastic writer for sure.

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

This is sweet.

This is also why I love Blogger. I have met so many awesome people, some I have connected with so well that it's a wonder why we haven't met before:)

Bikram said...

blessssssss nostalgic times

blogging is goood you can see mine I have made such beautiful lovely friends over it :)

all the best


Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

I did think of writing something, but I never could have written something as beautifully as you have written this. In parts, it made me cry- your gesture specially. I am not having the brightest of days, and the warmth which seeps through me as I read this- its invaluable. I owe you this and the wonderful time we had today. Lots of love.

PS- the pic! Even though i do not like it, because I look obnoxious, but where the hell did you find it? Memories....!

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

And on your blog, I wanna steal the privilege of thanking Rahul, for appreciating and encouraging my writing :)

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