Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soak me in...

Soak me in ..

We have all had moments when masochistically we have called for and invited Pain with grace into our lives. Almost like it was a celebration of sorts amidst glasses full of tears, snacks full of sorrows and music that was nothing but melancholic and we danced along in our blissful tranquil state only to soak our self into the depths of this ocean called life.
"Nothingness, a feeling I've derived very recently. Sometimes it comes alone, weeping out solitude, bringing with it a shudder. This nothingness is different, it has satisfaction. It has a tinge of completion in it, like it has resulted from the finish of a greater good."*

As I hear her say these words I sense how alike we are, or may be all of us in that matter, or may be not ALL. For some tears just come and disappear not letting even the person know of their existence. For some they come and they are called for, waiting to be embraced in the dark pools of eyes; eyes which are alive and sparkly, but have their own emptiness and dark moments.

But you know what the truth is? Not ‘the truth’ just the truth? These dark solemn days, where smile goes into a hiding, where it replaces itself not by a twinkly glittery smile that reaches your eyes, but a smile that just comes questioning its own presence on your plastic face; these days come with a purpose. For how, just think, how in the world can the mind forever be in a happy state??? And yes after another friend’s** thoughts on striving for contentment than happiness were read by me, I felt at peace.

This dark, empty- yet- full nothingness has been experienced. It’s close to me and to thee. Like a drug which excites you, so does this nothingness- but in a more charming way. You got to feel it to understand it. And yes, just as it fills you, it escapes too, but never to travel far off, for when in life, the happy, the so called “superficial happy”, states take too much precedence in your life, it is then that it’s time for another celebration, for another moment of……..


*These words were shared by Crystal in  this blog post.
** It was Twisha’s this one post from where I understood that it’s contentment we should strive for, than happiness……
Gratsi to you two <3

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PPS: I realize that this post comes soon after the reading dozes of melancholy which have been given by Pevee and Crystal. But yes, thoughts lead to thoughts...and that's why I call it "Yarn of ~ Words" :)


Cяystal said...

You know what, the opening lines were beyond beautiful. Right from the snacks, glasses to the music. Perfect, immaculate imagination.
And melancholy, pain. I've been obsessed with them and invited them into my own life so I do understand how someone else can do that too. But you know what, on the left of your blog "..But we have little choice when illumination shines through injury"~ Thats another thought to ponder upon :)

Kunal said...

I have nothing much to say...except that I came here, I read this and I soaked in the beauty of the words. :)

Yours, Crystal's and PeeVee's words. All of them.

I haven't read Crystal's post yet. Probably a good time to go back to her place and let her words create magic.

And I agree with her about the first para. Pure pleasure. :)

Arjun said...

'Thoughts' is what is happening. maybe a yarning of words can happen. Nice post. made this insomnia much more meaningful.

And you know what, I opened my blogger after like ages. Felt like reading blogs. Came across your comment on mine, so hopped in here. :)

I don't blog much, but now and then i do in this place- www.vodkawithdosa.blogspot.com


:-Dee said...

Balance is the key. Too much of anything would never be appreciated. Limited is bliss. Nothingness is good. Very nice read and you have strung the words together so meaningfully. I like this post... i like!

Rahul said...

:-) excellent read......heart-felt and significant

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

Your incoherence gives me space to add my own interpretations to it, and draw some lessons. That you are a fabulous writer I need not tell you, and unless abstractness is not in personal relations, I quite revel in it. It just hit a nerve, hence the babbling :)

phatichar said...

Whoa..deep! :)

Aakriti said...

Hey Crysty...I know u've been obsessed with this kinda melancholy, it seeps through ur stories;)and hey thanks for ur kind words.and yup Michael Eigen's quote on the left is surely the way to go;)

Aakriti said...

Heyloz Kunal!!!:) thank u so much!

Aakriti said...

Halooo Arjun! I'm so glad something brought u here:) U are more than welcome and dude that Sreesanth wala post on ur vodkawala dosa;) ( haha!! just kidding) was aweeeesome!!:D

PS: Arjun..temme sumthing do they serve vodka wala dosa sumwhere in the south;)? haha eat dosa, get tipsy! how cool would be that!!8)

Aakriti said...

@ Rahul & Dee: Thank u. Glad u liked it!

@ Saumya: Well Saumya, this is the beauty of abstract art so to say. It lets you be "you" and at the same time see that "you" in someone's "me":)

Aakriti said...

@ Phatichar: Did u touch the depth?;)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to so much in this. It reminds me of the depth of the thoughts that many times float around my mind and heart. I believe that i have had moments like the quote spoke of... the stillness at the end of completion of a work for a greater good, and although most of the time its been short, yet sweet and priceless.

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