Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wait- From  Lessons of My Life
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Waiting for people isn’t easy, especially when it comes to meeting friends whom we have longed to meet and are unable to due to certain unavoidable circumstances even as they come to our city and (instead of meeting us)  simply touch-it-and –go. The emotions then felt aren’t easy to handle, particularly when you have been waiting for months to meet that friend of yours.

And after having been inundated with both happy and sad feelings in moments when I got the news of my friend coming and then going without meeting me, all I have to say to myself is to be more patient and this time not to “Hope” but “Believe” that we will meet soon.

This wait was exciting, happy and surely was looked forward to both, by my friend and me.
It had a special significance in our lives….and since we weren’t able to meet- I’m at thankful that significance is still intact.

This wait was meant to bring two realities together….that which have been far, yet near in their own ways.

This wait….now tells me that I may take some time to get over things, but all I need is that “some” time.

This wait….brings along with it another lesson, which my very friend shared with me and that is “Never to be too happy for something, it might just not come true”.

So in future, I’ll try to be calm and humble as life blesses me with “my” happy moments.

But this wait also makes me question the motive of “not –being- able- meet” my friend….for I wonder what went wrong and why?

And yes…I’ll strive to learn and be patient my friend…who knows we might meet in a more extra- ordinary way.

Your Friend

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Unknown said...

You never get what you want, unless you KNOW what you want Aakriti :-)
So let things happen to you, don't make them happen! At the end, ALL IS WELL, if you know what I mean! :P

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