Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secrets of Sikkim

My dear Vanilla people.. I was away for a week for a family trip to the north east of India that is SikkimJ.. and as was expected I bring along some fond memories from this trip of mine.hope to say it all, but I want you to feel it as wellJ

Secrets of Sikkim
I wish to say a lot,
But dunno where to start,
I have too much in this mind,
Images, feelings of a place so divine,
And if my eyes could speak to you,
They would show you the world I saw,
The way the breeze carried me,
The way the dark forest said,
“Dear girl welcome to nature’s abode”,
“Enjoy every moment, till you slept”!
The early nights, the sunny days,
The chilly wind, the balmy shades,
And if you catch a glimpse of my eyes,
Take it as a gift, of the Lord so kind,
Coz he is the creator, the nurturing soul,
Had it not been Him,
Who would play the Almighty’s role?
A monastry in Sikkim

Tsogmo Lake near Nathu la. ( approx at 11,000 ft above sea level)

ziggy zag roads

The Himalayas

Rambitsi Ruins- Ancient Capital of Sikkim



Ryan said...

Aakriti, looks like a wondrous place to visit!

Jennie Bennett said...

Beautiful! I am completely jealous :)

shriya said...

really nice pics :) :)

Aakriti said...

thnk u soo much Ry, Jen and Shriya:)

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