Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger Tag..;)

Alright my dear Vanilla people, this one is a fun things I got tagged into, Jen from A Book, a girl a journey tagged me to answer some questions..well, I kinda like such random things, so here am I with my answers and tagging along some of my fellow bloggers as well..;)
1.     Do you think you're hot?
A.   Oh! yes…vaaary hot;)
2.    Upload a picture of the wallpaper you're using at the moment :
When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
I ate chilly garlic chicken last week with yummy chill hakka noodles
4.    The songs you listened to recently
These are some bollywood songs- ik Junnon from Zindagi na mile dobara, Owlcity- On the swing, tarkeebein from Band baja Baraat, Saibon from Shor in the city and loads of others….
5.    What were you thinking as you were doing this?
Ah!! About my trip to Sikkim for which I’m leaving tomorrowJ and the remaining things I gotta pack:P
6.    Do you have nicknames? What are they?
Haha …okay..Akhi, Akku & Akki (which I dunt like), Kriti,  a new friend calls me Velli, , my bro calls me by weird names, sorry can’t write them here!:P
7.    Tag 8 blogger friends…
Okay lets see..
Maxabella from Maxabella loves 
Ananya from A world of Illusion
Khush from Journey

Who's listed as #1?
Ry, who's blog is beautiful, he takes beautiful pictures and links them to his thought processes and emotions simply and wonderfully:)

How did u get to know # 3?
I really don't remember, I guess through someone's blog list. 

Leave a lovey dovey message for # 2
Well, Maxabella in her own simple ways makes me feel greatful every weekend, and for this I'm really very "greatful" to her, she knows it already:)

How about # 4?
Khush, is a young girl paving her way on writing and finding where her footprints lead her in the journey of life..And seeing people grow with positiveness is what I see in her,and this makes me happy:)

Alright vanilla people...go ahead tag others:)   


Ryan said...

Thank you for the warm words! I enjoy reading your Blog thoughts too!!

Ananya said...

Enjoy your trip!
Thanks for the tag! :D

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much for the tag Aakriti. <3
Have a great tip :-)
Hope to read you soon!

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