Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The "Lost jewel"

The one I miss,
Is not aware,
The one I hope was really near,
But is so far from my view!

The one I wanted to talk to,
Lasted only for a days so few,
The one I thought was "just the one",
Left like a cool breeze,
In this hot summer sun!

The one I thought had "that magic",
The one who amazed me,
The one, who used the charms in a way,
Like waves he left the shore, leaving me on the bay!

The one who seemed a dream to me,
Perhaps was a dream in reality,
It touched me and kissed me,
And went on its path,
Not knowing the depth it had touched within!

And now I do not know what to do?
For wait is what I can think of,
But a smile on my lips turns the world,
As I reminiscence the moments in the past!

The moments, just a handful,
The one's which coruscate like jewels,
The moments, I 'll hold on,
Whenever I 'll think of you!!


Secret Angel said...

:) I was the first one to read it!! and you already know what I think about this one :P

Aakriti said...

yes I do...thank u soo much!!:)

LONE WOLF said...

aah....the sweet angst of love i see...sweet words!! :)

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