Sunday, August 29, 2010

The chill

Have u ever experienced a cold sweat on your forehead?
Or one that tingled your spine in the midst of hot and humid weather?
Ever felt the terror of losing things, yet you had it all?
Ever felt like falling from a cliff, tall and high,
To immerse yourself into the ocean, with a loud cry?
Ever felt like holding to someone,
Whom you yearned, yet had never seen?
Ever thought of how your loved ones would cry,
As you stopped your journey, even before you started?
Ever felt the longing to feel the intense emotion,
Of loss and victory, the one named as “love”?
Ever thought of pausing your life,
To introspect, the layers within?
Ever thought of what life is about,
Not the seen, but more of that wasn’t?
And even if you thought, don’t know how you would feel?
The answers unspoken, which guarded themselves with shields?
This ubiquitous life of ours, the one without an end,
Which continues to exist, as does its scent,
And as I seek some truths, the unspoken ones,
A chill embraces me, leaving me bewildered,
Before I could realise its true need.


Unknown said...

nice... some lines couldve been a little more concise; but overall, its great...

Secret Angel said...

:) Nice!

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