Saturday, August 14, 2010

The world of GIRLS

Flowers? Chocolates? Teddies? Perfumes? Accesssories? What do girls like? Not one, not two, but all of them. So are u thinking of buying them all? On the other hand you needn’t. Why? I’ll tell you.

On behalf of all the girls out there here is a simple yet thoughtful account of what we girls think. Yeah, I know you might have read plenty of self- helps books on relationships, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and blah and blah, but a real account may be of greater help.

Well, gifts are accepted anytime, after all who doesn’t like surprises? That too pleasant ones. But more than anything else that matters is a decent and an enjoyable company. Not a boring one.

And what matters the most is due respect which we ought to get. Our self- esteem, the way we carry ourselves, our style of talking and communicating, and our personality might say and convey a lot about us, but “individual differences always exist”.

I personally feel that we girls are very accommodating. And that is very true too. I wonder why guys find it so difficult to impress and make us happy. For the fact is that even the simplest of the gestures like a smile, a thank you, a genuine expression of care matters. And when it comes to gifts, there are endless options, so practically speaking; there shouldn’t be much of a problem. It’s as clear as crystal, we don’t want you to go out of way to do things for us. Simplicity has more meaning than anything else.

Another thing, we all know that there are some definite and fine lines which do exist between guys and girls. Like girls are sensitive, emotional, nurturing, keep a tab on the smallest of the things, are amazing when it comes to multi- tasking; well you might be thinking that we can’t hear you, but the almighty bestowed us with extra- sensory perception that we can hear and look at you even if you think we are looking away. So you better watch out. .

Everyone knows how much we talk. To guys it might seem typical nonsensical, useless talk, but only girls know how light our heart feels after having discussed about it at great lengths (short talks don’t get us anywhere). And no matter how silly our talks might be, I think all guys should have the patience to hear, as a matter of respect and mere courtesy. We don’t want your comments and neither do we want you to judge us on our ongoing thinking processes, but simply listen. The reward would be yours at the end, which is assured, because she will only love you more for having simply been there.

We are sensitive and emotional, core to the heart and there is no denying that (no matter how strong a girl shows she is, there is one soft corner which always will hurt). And when she gets hurt by something you did unintentionally, you might gain a bonus point for being forgiven. But when the hurt caused is intentional, it tears her into pieces beyond any imagination; and that day you lose all the respect, appreciation and love she had for you.

“Honesty is the best policy”. This is regardless of any gender. Because it’s only when we are honest with the other person, be it a boy or a girl (friend) that trust develops. And a lie sends a default message conveying that you don’t trust the other one enough to have shared the truth.

And I personally feel that it’s not that complex the both genders are made out to be (though I have no experience at all, but still). It is the way we mutually communicate, share and express ourselves that makes the whole process of knowing the other a lot different. And if at all we do like the other, why hide it? Let the other one know. I know it’s not that easy the way it seems to be. Efforts do go a long way to make the guy or a girl stay happy. And these are not the materialistic efforts, but those which come straight from the heart, out of sheer love for the other person!


Secret Angel said...

:) that is so true!!
see,we girls are so simple...yet guys think we are 'complicated' :P nicely written(like always)
good work boss :)

LONE WOLF said...

ah...sumhow....i dont agree!!

Unknown said...

nice points, but something is missing...
something big...

Rachit said...

and you know girls needs your utmost attention all the time. My ex called me in the middle of a viva and I ignored, my viva took almost 20 minutes and when I called her as soon as the viva ended she started crying foul... you don't love me and all.. bullshit crap. oops.. :D

Aakriti said...

@ Rachit: haha...well was she a dumb blonde by any hai yaar...shukar mana woh teri ex hi thi:D...;)

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