Friday, August 20, 2010

Subliminal connectivity

Perhaps this word might seem unheard of, or for that matter unread of before. Surely, you never came across this one in the Oxford dictionary? True, you didn’t. ‘Cause I just created it. In Psychology, subliminal perception, means perceiving things that we are not consciously aware of. For example, you go to watch a movie, and are talking to your friend, and as the images on the screen persuade you to go buy popcorn, you consciously do not pay a heed to them, but after some time, you do indeed find yourself lined up in the queue, even before few moments ago, you weren’t feeling hungry! That is subliminal perception for you!

Now what is subliminal connectivity? Ever tried to ponder upon, why is that that your life is surrounded by some “chosen ones” and not “just anyone”? Well, I tried thinking over it. And here I’m sharing my thoughts with you.

Why is it that the path our lives take, choose to intersect with those of these chosen people not anyone else? And it’s not only after we have spent a good amount of time interacting with them, do we realise our inability or mere coincidence of having bumped into them over many others, only for the good!

I thought that perhaps being a Sagittarian, an adaptable sun sign, would at least in an unspoken way make me adaptable enough to go along with those sharing the same sign as mine. A rather lame presumption, but it was in good time that I realised that though there were some with whom I gelled well, there were many more with whom I didn’t! (However, this simply does not make me less adaptable, for the fact is that we in life choose to overlook things which will make us feel less worthy about ourselves). So does this mean that the former ones were simply the “chosen ones” to be a part of my friend circle, or I perhaps unconsciously was emitting some energy waves, or was giving them the vibes, that I was better off with them than “ some others”!

Who knows? Now where is this who? I want to know everything he knows. But it is hard to find him, for his existence cannot be pinpointed unlike ours. I think there is more than just connectivity, chemistry and the mere energy which surrounds us that makes us interact with “some” and not everyone. And to that science too cannot find answers. Why? You may ask. ‘Cause that very answer chooses to remain a mystery.

My language to some of you might seem incomprehensible, but to be honest, I myself know and am aware of every word I write. And even if it seems difficult to interpret I won’t blame you, because not all things need that linear pattern of thought to help you understand, there are many which your mind grasps, only if you “choose” to give it some of your true moments of existence. To be precise and clear, some things are abstract, though easy to understand; all you need is that bent of mind to delve into the layers!

As I talk of layers, as any relationship blossoms, it sheds its outer layers, and begins to expose it’s “real” self in some time, and in this fast forward life of ours, even before the blink of an eye, we are past all the shedding, lying naked to a reality which we ourselves were unaware of. In such moments, the eyes glimmer only when the heart knew and felt the beauty with which each drop of the petal formed an impeccable heart on the floor of life. And if not, the person is left weeping, immersed in the dust of guilt and despair, leaving no option to make any amends.

This very awareness makes me share with you, that life is a lot more than the trivial fights, worries. People and friends who surround us and are part of us are worth taking a note of. ’Cause it’s not a mere co-incidence, but alot more, the reason that they are with you, and no one else. This is how I define subliminal connectivity!

Wishing you a joyous life ahead. Keep exploring as you tread your path on to your final destination.

Bon voyage!!

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Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Lovely post. Subliminal thought is so important. We just need to listen a bit harder to hear it.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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