Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Write as you can

You might not be Shakespeare,

You might not be Keats,

You might not be expressive enough,

But just write the way you feel!

You might not like to,

You might think you are bad,

You might be pretty hesitant,

Write when you are happy or sad!

And when you write what you feel,

What you wished, for yourself or the other,

The emotions drained on a piece of paper,

Grey, Blue or full of colors!

I’ve seen people write, not often, but occasionally,

And when they do, I see a hidden talent in there,

Only if writing could be a practice,

Putting down the thoughts spontaneously!

The paper then preserves your moods,

Your thoughts so preciously,

Go ahead, do not stop,

For the words you write may shape into a ‘memory’,

The moment, the emotion all captured,

The ones you wrote so honestly!!

1 comment:

Secret Angel said...

:D like always...Great!
will take your advice boss,will write everyday :)

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