Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For the solemn times to come

Dear Sad heart out there,

I write to you, for the solemn days that are yet to come by, in the near future or far beyond. I read today about mood- dependent memory. While Rhonda Byrne talks of “laws of attraction”, our brains have a way of recalling sad moments when we are sad and pleasant ones when we are joyous. It’s called “the mood congruent effect”.

Remember the gorgeous smile you had as you walked from library to your room? The gorgeous rainy breeze, as it soothed your skin, enwrapping your soul and lifting your spirits. You heard a voice inside, it whispered “And when things go bad, good days won’t be behind!” I remember your gaze at the lush green trees, like a child you were all in awe of nature. The steps of yours felt like a melody played on the piano. You know why? Because you were simply mindful of your walk on your way back. You soaked in, your soul, every little particle of the wet earth and cool breeze.

When everything seems broken, when hours wash away like minutes and your shoulders droop with work, remember, that you’ve’ crossed hundreds of obstacles in the past. “This too shall pass”.

When you wish to cry out loud for no reason at all, be yourself, but at the same time, understand that tears, like always have been precious! Question, if the reason for your tears, is worth the transparent pearls?

When you wish to give up, rise, for few more steps and you shall be done! Rise! Not because it’s hard from there on, but because you’ve come that far and if you give up now, it shall make no sense!

When thoughts become blurred and you come across fork in the road, pause! Stop! And close your eyes, feel and hear what your heart says! Listen to it, coz nothing in life shall matter more!
When there are days you wish you weren’t ill and cursed your aches and pains, remember, that you are human and not a machine! The very reason that makes you feel shall also help your pains heal! When your body cries, listen to it. Rest! No matter how dire the work is! The adage “Health is wealth” doesn’t goes without its meaning!

For now, relax. Life was never meant to run; we re-invented the meaning to suit our own needs!

Listen to what you speak
Touch that fears
In which your mind believes.

Talk to strangers
For they are not as strange as they seem

Live in the present
Smell the true flavours
For life if lived fully

Even once shall do you good!

1 comment:

Bikram said...

as they say after night day comes .. so after sadness happiness will also come

take care


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