Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In between spaces….I realise how much I miss you

Yes, that day when I wasn’t well, when my mind was pre-occupied cribbing about the fact that ‘I cannot work!’, when the body was all tired and I heard a voice, re-assuring me, like always “It’s Okay”, few tears welled in my eyes. Coz I missed you.

That day, when the weather turned all breezy and beautiful, with the rains adding fragrance to earth, and me wanting to drink a cup of tea, even as I didn’t. I created a little smile. Coz I missed you.

That day, when I was way too tired to speak on call, or wish a sweet good night, even as I whispered, when a hug was all that was longed for, closed my eyes and imagined. Coz I missed you.

And here’s today, when the heart sighs for the few months seem like ages and the distance makes it worse. I MISS YOU!

1 comment:

Bikram said...

Take care .. all will be fine soon


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